Crazy lazy hazy Days of Summer in the Hoot

G'Day Fun Seekers

I know fall is coming, but for now..... FORGET ABOUT IT!

We have space in our Beginner Lessons and Island Daytrips - all it takes is one phone call, and you'll be gliding over sparkling waters in a sporty little kayak with an amazing and cute instructor by your side.  Maybe some of us aren't that cute - but we're good with the one-liners.

If you want to really learn quick - consider our Paddle Canada Level 1 Kayak Skills course coming up August 21/22.  Think of it as a paddler's boot camp.  The director is Kevin Utas, one of our top instructor/guides - and he can take a couple more folks so ramp it up and come along.

We have two spots left in the upcoming Paddle Canada Level 2 Kayak Skills course August 27-30.
Jack Elliott and Peter Wassermann are teaching - two guys I have paddled with for years and would trust my life with. If you're an intermediate paddler looking to consolidate and fine tune your skills for multi-day tripping - this is for you.

A plea to you young'uns.  We have a Youth Quest kayak trip planned for August 31 - Sept. 3 - being led by Kevin Utas, and assisted by Justin Mullen and Sarah Creasor.  There are two signed up at the moment and normally this is a sellout.  Maybe cause it's close to school time?  Well listen up - what better way to finish off your summer than swimming and paddling and eating out in the islands away from teachers and parents?  Call now and we can sign you up for a spectacular ending to the summer.  How's that for a sales job?!

Back to the less than young.....our September Moments cabin-based kayak trip (Sept.20-24) is a fine way to enjoy the islands of northern Georgian Bay when the water is still warm and summer bummers have gone home.  Best of all, you get to come back each night to a comfy bed.  I think a lot of folks don't realize what a special time this is - and opportunities to enjoy it with great food and cabins don't come along often.  Call for details.

Canadian Professional Paddling Conference - Minden Wildwater Preserve Sept.24-26. One of those events you'll kick yourself later if you miss it. For paddling instructors of all disciplines and all I can say is you should come for a really fun, relaxed weekend.  See for yourself at Ok, i'll give you one little tidbit - a former Weather Network meteorologist is presenting on active weather for paddling - this guy is awesome - in addition to guest instructors from all over Canada teaching the latest techniques, tricks and tips in paddling instruction.

The Georgian Bay Storm Gathering is gathering steam (  We present this with and is the final kick at the can for intermediate kayakers looking to share a weekend with like-minded folk.  Add in cozy cottages, a big hot tub with a fresh Georgian Bay Fish Supper - who cares about storms!  There is an early bird discount - and you can contact the Squall to register.  

Hokay - you might wonder why you haven't heard from ol' Tim for a while.  Well - I decided to have myself a bone infection just for fun.  I'm getting back to normal....alright, enough with the jokes and am really looking forward to fall paddling.  Thanks for listening......tim

ps- all boats are on sale - tim's tips? well I'm in "dire" need of some, so here's your chance - just let 'er rip.


I tell everyone looking for a kayak to just drive up, down or over to Parry Sound as White Squall is the only place to go when buyin' a boat...small lake for a test ride, knowledgeable and helpful staff, no pressure at all, great accessories and the chickens all added up to a wonderful buying experience...went down once for the May long weekend festivities and will never forget Fred Eaglesmith...thanks for the great memories, the dedication to the outdoors and keep the newsletter coming...unsubscribe?? Never!!

Peter D.

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