A Hoot for Fall

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Final Fall Clearout

Petey and I braved wind and rain today, sharpened our pencils and had a close look at remaining used boats. Many of the little buggers have been out working these past few weeks and are home for a rest. We’ve taken prices down to rock bottom so if you’ve been toying with getting a fall deal, have a look: https://www.whitesquall.com/boats/

But Is There Really Rest for a Boat?

Nosirreebobdangeorge. There’s plenty of water and islands to be explored and now’s the time. The water is a wee cooler, so best to stay in tight and upright. Your reward is fresh air, few people and far out colours in the clear autumn air.

Paddling Centre is Open 7 Day a Week Beyond Thanksgiving!

We’ve decided to make Sunday Oct. 14th our last official Squall day. You can still get ahold of us after that by appointment and the town shop will carry on all fall and winter so there ya go.

“Delta Dawn What’s That Flower….”

Finish that line and add the second without googling and we’ll put your name in a draw for pair of socks. On that note, we just unpacked 33 new Delta kayaks fresh off the truck from BC. Another load is coming in closer to winter so guess we’re now the official DD (Delta Depot) for Carling Township – hah! 

Tim’s Tip

Kathy and I just came back from a camping getaway to the west coast…of Ontario! If you haven’t wandered the Lake Huron shore, give it a go and I’ll bet a buck you’ll have a grand time. We spent a couple of nights in Kincardine and then down the way to Goderich. They know how to make great coffee and beer over there, and everyone was friendly and welcoming. Having come off a long sweaty summer, I was expecting to find jaded souls, but instead it was like we were back in Newfoundland, where straight up hospitality never ends. Goderich in particular is fascinating with a funky uptown square (actually an octagon) and then down the street is a full-on working harbour with commercial fishing boats, grain elevators and a salt mine. This is all beside a long sand beach and piers where you can wander and watch life happening all around you. There is nothing quite like watching a storm front blow in off Lake Huron, especially from a cozy café. Sheesh – I should get a job with tourism. But truly – it’s out our backdoor yet a world away. Oh yeah, when the winds blow we found surf waves pummelling the entire shore. These west coasters may not have our Georgian Bay islands, but they sure as heck have great water.

Want off this tourism brochure? Just hit reply and put “stay at home” in the subject line. We’ll make sure to take you off for ever and ever.

Stay in tight and upright til the next time…..tim.