A Hoot of Heart-full Thanks

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GlobalMedic gear giveaway

Draw Stuff!

Here’s a mere smattering of the stuff we have in our draw ~ three big crazy piles ~ minus the idiot in the back row. A short, heartfelt HOOT to all who stepped up without tripping & pushed us over $8,000 for GlobalMedic. We’re now pushing for $10K!! Not too late to get in on the frivolity folks, only 2 more sleeps til the big draw at the OK Corral Friday April 30 noon!

For every $20 you donate to Global Medic https://globalmedic.ca/donate/ we throw your name in the toque for the draw. Three-pile draws are the way we do things here in Carling, so gird your loins, hoist your trousers and fire away with your last-minute donations. The whole world thanks you…tim