Hannah’s hoot

Hannah's Hoot - yup, i asked Hannah to pen this one as she has a talent for tall tales - so here we go... Level 1 Skills Course- May 31-June 2 Are you a beginner kayaker looking to improve your strokes, paddling knowledge and judgement?  Are you an intermediate kayaker looking to gain confidence … Read more about Hannah’s hoot

A Short Hoot

Short Hoot Chippawa Island (yup, this is the right spelling kids) This is the private island just west of Big McCoy. The family who owns it has kindly asked to me remind everyone it's off limits for camping and campfires. While we're thinking about the McCoys - a reminder too that Little McCoy is … Read more about A Short Hoot

Spring Forward Hoot

Mother's Day Weekend Paddle on the Lake All mom's sauntering through our door at both shops this weekend get a free water bottle - but you do have to saunter!   And we have some wild and dandy last-minute gifts for the woman who brought you into this crazy world.  Hey, you could bring mom out to … Read more about Spring Forward Hoot

Jack’s Hoot for June

Tim Has A Problem You Can Fix (parents of great kids please listen up!)Our bestest & most favourite trip is YOUTH ADVENTURE from July 4-7 and we NEED YOU! We’ve lowered the cost to $395 to encourage everyone! Aimed at 12–16 yr olds with no experience –we’re a few shy of a full load. Join us … Read more about Jack’s Hoot for June

June 7th- Hoot

Squall Hoot, Hoot & Hoot Superior Bound Four Squallions left for Lake Superior this morning to dip their paddles in the greatest inland sea on earth. If you haven’t smelled and felt the power of Superior, think about going if you can – it’s a deep Canadian experience. Need intel on where, when … Read more about June 7th- Hoot