Hoot for Paddling

Look Up, It’s Paddling TimeShe’s here folks. Don’t let the weather guys fool you, spring is shining down, patiently waiting for us to look up and take in the heat. Just ask the robins and the pussy willows, they know what’s going on. Cole Lake hasn’t got the memo yet but we’re close.Franklin … Read more about Hoot for Paddling

Hoot Out For Spring

Hoot Out For SPRING Oh MY GOSH - We’re Open! Quick, Turn on the LIGHTS Yessireebobdangeorge, the Squall is setting out for our 34th year! We are full-on, 9-5:30 7-days a Week except Good Friday. We have new boards, kayaks and canoes with more coming so our CBO (Carling Boat Orphanage) will just … Read more about Hoot Out For Spring

A Hoot for Fall

Final Fall Clearout Petey and I braved wind and rain today, sharpened our pencils and had a close look at remaining used boats. Many of the little buggers have been out working these past few weeks and are home for a rest. We’ve taken prices down to rock bottom so if you’ve been toying with getting … Read more about A Hoot for Fall

Mid-September Hoot

Mid - September Hoot The hint of autumn is on the wind.  Mushrooms magically sprout on the lawn and we sparked up the woodstove for the first time last night.  Yet other days dawn sunny and the waters are summer-warm. It’s the absolute best time to be wandering the islands and we hope you can steal … Read more about Mid-September Hoot

Days of Summer Hoot & Blat

White Squall’s HOOT & BLAT! Time for a Summertime Dream For those who get my Lightfoot reference, you win the prize. Which is simply taking a moment to think about summer breezes, crystal clear waters and scented winds. On that note, with his permission I’ve re-printed at the end of this Hoot … Read more about Days of Summer Hoot & Blat

Bloot & Hat for Spring

Start the Friggin' SPRING Sale Pay in full for any boat between now and MAY 2 and get:  A FREE SPARE PADDLE AND A PAIR OF SUNGLASSES  (somewhere in the future you will wanna wear shades) Summer Paddling Is Just ‘Round the Bend (this is where I’ve gone if you can’t find me) There are so many ways … Read more about Bloot & Hat for Spring