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A short epistle to help you live your best paddling life?!
Outdoor Learning in Canada
We have been asked to contribute a few paragraphs to an open-sourced project called Outdoor Learning in Canada (  Specifically, they are interested in personal thoughts on the importance of lakes and oceans in how you learn and appreciate the outdoors.  A bit vague I’ll give ya – but if anyone out there has a ‘few words’ of how water helps you to learn more about yourself or the world about – please fire away.  Note there is emphasis on ‘a few words’:)  Can’t promise anything, but will let you know if your two cents becomes part of the effort.  Thanks!
Franklin Challenge Update
We are currently at $12000 raised for the Outer Island Fund of the Georgian Bay Biosphere.  This is really quite wonderful and we thank dearly all of you who helped. We thank all of the volunteer efforts that went to that sunny morning, along with the hours of effort Squall staff contributed to get this thing off the sand and into the water. If that stirs your soul, please send along your best fundraising effort. Even if it’s just a few bucks, it’s better than diddly squat and it all helps.   Thanks everyone!  Spectacular drone photos by Thom Morrissey 
Used & New H20 Canoe Sale
All new H20 canoes now come with a $200 store credit for accessories. We also have used H20 canoes on sale.  You can see the whole shebang HERE.
Six Brand New Drysuits Left on Clearout
We’re down to the last 6 of these rascals and my goal is to have them swimming with a new partner in the next few weeks, so here we go…
Kokatat Women’s Super Nova Paddling Suit – Med Reg. $819 – Sale $495
Kokatat Men’s Super Nova Paddling Suit – XL Reg. $819 – Sale $495
Immersion Research Front Zip Arch Rival Drysuit – 2 Large, I Med  Reg. $1295. Sale $795
Thunderbox Primer
Many of you give us detailed reports on the state of island campsites and t-boxes which is lovely.  Please keep doing it. But we want to share the love by asking you to dig deep yourself while out there and move a box if it needs it.  There is no magic trick  – just dig a hole, move the box and bob’s your uncle.  Clean up garbage and dismantle firepits – and we’ll all cheer you on.  The Bay will thank you for getting rid of fecal-stained calling cards from blowing over hell’s half acres.  It’s the right thing to do and I’ll make sure there’s a place waiting for you in that island in the sky.
Thanks for listening folks and happy summering….tim