Our Cancellation Policy

We insist on small groups, that’s what makes our programs special.   If you need to cancel, we’ll miss you, depending on the program here’s our policy:

For multi-day trips and extended courses , there can be no rescheduling or refunds within 15-days of the start date, unless a suitable replacement is found.  If a replacement is found, or for cancellations of 15-days or more in advance, a full refund less a $50 office fee will be issued.

For day programs (lessons, day trips) no refunds within 3-days.  If you cancel 3-days or more in advance of your day program, a full refund, less a $25 office fee is issued.

Please understand that even if you have a sudden medical problem or family emergency, we can’t refund without a replacement.  We recommend securing trip insurance if this is a concern.

We reserve the right to cancel or alter any trip due to weather or insufficient registrations.  In these cases, full or partial refunds will be issued, depending on the circumstances.