Carpe diem Hoot and Blat

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A sweet summer hoot coming your way. Yes!… the summer days are here after our long, not so patient, wait. You may be thinking “Darn, missed my chance to get on one of those Carling Township Class kayak trips with White Squall”. Well don’t be too disappointed because there are some trips & activities to look into that still have room for more crew members.

Couple of things to consider for the summer days ahead. We’ve got plenty of boats and boards looking for a new home and a great lake to test paddle them on. Nigel Dennis Kayaks and the Sisu and Prana from Current Designs are show casing the new playful sea kayaks in our roster. Boardworks have some new touring boards and BluWave returns with boards that are plenty quick and a lot of fun for folks out for longer fitness paddles As well, our regular clinics can get your strokes and rescues tuned up; they happen every Saturday and we’ve a bevy of great instructors ready to impart paddling prowess.

Trips are booking up but there are few spots left on these awesome adventures.

Paddle Canada – Level One Skills – $350

July 21 (evening)-23, 2017 (2.5 days), August 11 (evening)-13, 2017 (2.5 days)

Have you shied away from the usual Paddle Canada course in mid-April because all the instructors wear survival suits and the big test is to paddle under the ice flows? Leave those sorts to carry on without a trace of fear. You in conjunction with the lovely warm summer embrace of Cole Lake and warm as toast Georgian Bay are going to learn all kinds of skills in the most sensible time of year there is for being upside down in your kayak. The only ice cream headaches available are the ones from the shops with the same name you stop in on your way home. Get the mint chocolate as you will probably be a newly minted Level One Paddler!

Hot Rocks Yoga – $575, August 25-27 (3 days)

Yoga & kayaking on Georgian Bay is the ultimate combo, especially in the summer for the currently popular hot yoga. Do you recall the Yogi Flyers that were trying to get into Federal politics? They were very good at floating several inches in the air as opposed to the usual politician that are good in going the opposite direction. The closest I have been to such an exalted state of being is in my kayak, sitting still a few kilometers from any Georgian Bay island saying oooommmmmm, I hope I brought my sleeping bag.

Photo Trip – $975September 21-24 (4 days)

Thom Morrissey & Doug Elsey are photo pros. Not only do they provide excellent instruction on feedback on how to make your photographic memories really ‘pop’…but they also are an entertaining pair (think guys in the balcony seats from the Muppets only they’re poking fun at each other). This cabin based trip means you get to sleep in comfort and then explore the beauty of the Bay in September during the day. Whether you’re a photo beginner or just want some focused time improving your already awesome skills or just want to paddle and don’t mind some folks chatting about cameras while you soak in the fall waters – this is a great trip and a great time of year to be on the bay.


Don’t forget the Rope

It is a summer with what you could call interesting weather. Make sure to take lots of extra rope on your trip on the Bay. Or even for that day trip via SUP on that small lake. The wind can be a trickster and send your way home out on another adventure without you. Carry all the boats away from the shore, rope together and then tie to the biggest rock or tree that is handy. When you are in the tent at 4am listening to the flapping you will be glad that the boats are safe.