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Late Summer Dreamtime Hoot

Late Summer Dreamtime Not sure why, but other than some well worn camps on Franklin Isle, the outer islands have been pretty lonesome this year. Tim’s not complaining, and now the Ex in Toronto is filling everyone with saturated fats in all colours, things are even quieter! The water is warm, a gentle breeze beckons, […]

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Life Goes On Hoot

A short hoot to wet your whistle on a hot July day… Franklin Challenge Done & Dusted! 100 bleary-eyed but eager paddlers showed up early on a Sunday morn, June 25th for the annual Franklin Challenge.  A 20km romp around the outside of Franklin, in support of the Outer Island Fund of the Georgian Bay […]

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Spring is in the Air Hoot

Spring is in the Air Hoot ‘Spring is in the air’ – truly. We just heard the first woodcocks chirping over the swamp – leading to the obvious question – what on earth do the poor things eat? There’s no bugs that we can see flying about. The situation is sort of like a country […]

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A Mid-Winter Hoot & Holler

Boat & Sport Show Dreams Wandering the hallways of big city boat & sport shows is a fine late-winter thing to do. Wafts of hot popcorn with make-believe butter, bright lights and shiny new boats with new things ’round every corner. A getaway from everyday life, stealing time to just walk and wander. In your […]

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Far Reach Round the Sun Hoot

A Hoot and Holler as we round the far reach of our romp ’round the sun on this wild carousel of life! Winter Sales   Our town shop at 19 James has deals galore as we keep the lights on through a dark winter. Every time you shop, we give you Squaller Dollars – a […]

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November Squall Hoot

Hi Everyone Quick update – thanks for listening, hang onto your shorts and away we go!  Outer Island Poopy Project The thunderbox season is in the hole for another year:) We happily dug a lot this summer – and I say ‘happily’ as any day on the Bay is a fine one. Things are moving […]

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Thanksgiving Eve

Hi ho, hi ho.  The path around the sun brings reflection both on the water and in our hearts.  Reflections are a dazzling union of declining rays and still waters.  Kathy and I were lucky to paddle in Quetico with our family recently and here is what danced in front of us as we paddled along… I find […]

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September Days Hoot

September Days Big winds, lonesome sound of crickets, warm waters, the return of school and lost summer love. At once melancholy yet full of hope for paddling adventures still to come. September – a time of less folks, cool evenings, warm waters and stunning sunsets. Years ago, a singer-songwriter from Manitoulin Isle, Kevin Closs, visited the Squall […]

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Dog Days of Summer Hoot

Dog Days of Summer Are Doggone by a Hair Did ya ever wonder what the “dog days of summer’ were? My bet is many of you likely know and maybe forgot. For those who don’t – it’s that blissful time when bars and theme parks let dogs in for half price.  No?  Oh ok – […]

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