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November Squall Hoot

Hi Everyone Quick update – thanks for listening, hang onto your shorts and away we go!  Outer Island Poopy Project The thunderbox season is in the hole for another year:) We happily dug a lot this summer – and I say ‘happily’ as any day on the Bay is a fine one. Things are moving […]

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Thanksgiving Eve

Hi ho, hi ho.  The path around the sun brings reflection both on the water and in our hearts.  Reflections are a dazzling union of declining rays and still waters.  Kathy and I were lucky to paddle in Quetico with our family recently and here is what danced in front of us as we paddled along… I find […]

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September Days Hoot

September Days Big winds, lonesome sound of crickets, warm waters, the return of school and lost summer love. At once melancholy yet full of hope for paddling adventures still to come. September – a time of less folks, cool evenings, warm waters and stunning sunsets. Years ago, a singer-songwriter from Manitoulin Isle, Kevin Closs, visited the Squall […]

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Dog Days of Summer Hoot

Dog Days of Summer Are Doggone by a Hair Did ya ever wonder what the “dog days of summer’ were? My bet is many of you likely know and maybe forgot. For those who don’t – it’s that blissful time when bars and theme parks let dogs in for half price.  No?  Oh ok – […]

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Best Paddling Life Hoot

A short epistle to help you live your best paddling life?! Outdoor Learning in Canada We have been asked to contribute a few paragraphs to an open-sourced project called Outdoor Learning in Canada (  Specifically, they are interested in personal thoughts on the importance of lakes and oceans in how you learn and appreciate the […]

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Time of Your Life Hoot

G’day from the Bay! We’re fast coming into the very best time in our lives ~ the one where we get to wander sweet water seas, sheltered by spectacular islands with sun-warmed rock inviting us to lie down and dream with the scent of summer pine… then jump into crystal clear waters unlike anywhere else […]

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Spring in your step Hoot

Hello Paddlers There’s a spring in my step as the waters open, the sun shines and the wind she blows.  Speaking of that – I think fast-changing winds in both strength and direction will be the story of this summer.  No immediate science to back me up, just a feeling in my tummy.  But that’s […]

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Spring Holler and Hoot

Spring Hoot & Holler As the winter sun fades, Spring is roaring in like flipping on the bathroom heat after a cold ski.  Never used that metaphor before, likely never will again (i know, that’s a good thing) but it gets me dreaming of bluebird skies and a beckoning lake. Somehow, stuff is arriving almost […]

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Chilly Hoot and Holler

A Chilly Hoot and Holler To Ya! Oh post-solstice winter – the time of our content, where the days are longer, the nights are stronger than moonshine. Big snowfalls and super cold air are the things that make us feel alive!?! Ok, ok sure – t’would be quite fine stretched out on a warm southern […]

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I’ve got a Song Hoot

“Like the North Wind whistlin’ down the sky… I’ve got a song, I’ve got a song” Takes me back to cold mornings on the Albany River in northern Ontario as a wide-eyed teenager. Morning coffee ’round the fire was our comfort before exhilarating days on fast flowing water heading north. Inside me and busting out […]

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Hot August Hoot

Hot August Hoot The world spins madly these days, and gives more reason to re-connect with wild waters, big skies and ancient rock. They will endure and there is comfort in that… Loon Lore & Thom Last time we wrote, we announced the birth of 2 Cole Lake Loons with a stunning pic our friend and ace […]

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Summertime Dreaming Hoot

Time for a Summertime Dream… Just came back from 4 glorious days in the outer islands. Crystal clear swimming, stunning sunsets and a songbird chorus that never stopped. We heard white-throat sparrows changing up their call as if to say ‘she’s a new day, time for a new song”. The bay was pristine and wonderfully […]

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