June 7th- Hoot

Squall Hoot, Hoot & Hoot

Superior Bound

Four Squallions left for Lake Superior this morning to dip their paddles in the greatest inland sea on earth. If you haven’t smelled and felt the power of Superior, think about going if you can – it’s a deep Canadian experience. Need intel on where, when and how? Give our friends at Naturally Superior Adventures a shout – they know her waters well. https://www.naturallysuperior.com/

Musical Chickens

This season we welcome the Cole Lake Cluckers, an upstart chick group that has already hit the top of the charts here in Carling. We’re not kidding – they are really good esp when Martha gets going on the drums. And nope, no drugs involved – c’mon out and see!

Last Minute Basic Kayak Instructor Course This Weekend June 9-11

You are a paddler and want to teach others? We have a couple of openings this weekend for a Paddle Canada Basic Instructor course taught by two of our top staff – Sarah Creasor and Hannah Goodings. Call now and we’ll sign you up! 705-342-5324 for more info: https://www.whitesquall.com/camp-instructor/

Take the Franklin Challenge (and Tim’s Challenge) – June 25

There’s still space to join in paddling around Franklin Island – This is one of those events that you’ll say after “Gee, I wish I would have done that!” We have added in a second shorter route so everyone can join in. All of this is in support of Treetops Community Forest: (https://treetopscommunityforest.com/) Check out: https://www.whitesquall.com/franklin-challenge/ And FINALLY – you can also take the Tim Challenge! I am offering a pedal powered kayak for free use to one person who wants to pedal it for the FC. These things really go so you’ll be at the front of the pack for sure – and you can blow the doors off all the other paddlers. Give me a call on my cell: 705-773-8142


Tim Has A Problem You Can Fix (parents of great kids please listen up!)

Our bestest & most favourite trip is YOUTH ADVENTURE from July 4-7 and we NEED YOU! We’ve lowered the cost to $395 to encourage everyone! Aimed at 12 – 16 yr olds with no experience –we’re a few shy of a full load. Join us out in the islands kayaking camping, swimming, eating great meals and exploring the world’s largest freshwater archipelago. Call now to start off your summer in grand style: 705-342-5324 More intel: https://www.whitesquall.com/youth-adventure-trip/

Best Price, Best Selection, Best “No Guff” Return

Bring a picnic, spend a day – we really won’t bug you. You can try out boats and boards to your heart’s content. Why we’ll even bring you a cup of tea, so there ya go.

Tim’s Tip – Shove Off Bugs!

Yer in your tent with the sun going down over the sparkling waters of Georgian Bay – when to your horror, the tent is filling up with friggin’ bugs. Tumbling out of your sleeping bag, you discover rips in the tent screening with little nippers divebombing through for an evening feed. What to do? Well – you could duct tape the openings, but you’ll be sorry later cause it makes a mess and screws up future repairs. Take some “Aquaseal” (found at your local fairly friendly paddling shop) and dab it along the rip or hole. Done carefully, it will congeal quickly and stop the bugs in their tracks. If you were really god’s gift to camping, , you might also have some regular tape (not duct tape) in your kit and you can put some on the backside of the hole – making the application of the aquaseal go swimmingly well – peeling it off once it congeals. This takes all of ten minutes or less and you will have a bug free, beauty sleep.

Am I bugging you? Just hit reply and put “bug off tim” in the subject line and we will off you tout de suite

Thanks for listening folks – see you at the Franklin Challenge?!

Memories of Stuart McLean

Memories of Stuart McLean

Living in the backwoods of Parry Sound by a small lake is a quiet way of sitting out a Canadian winter.  Sunday lunches were happy times in the front of the fire with homemade soup listening to Stuart McLean and the Vinyl Café, our young son laughing right along with my wife  and me.  He grew up with those stories and we found our lost youth in them too.

So it was that we decided one snowy school night to make a 2 hour trip to North Bay, to see this man in person.  Our son was about 10 – and excited to leave school early so we could have a good start on this special evening.  We drove through a snow squall, getting there just before the show started.  It ended all too soon, and so as a final treat – we bought our son a Vinyl Café CD.

He waited patiently in a long line to for an autograph.   It was late, we had a long drive ahead when suddenly Stuart stood up from behind his desk and walked past the entire line of adults.  He gently took our son’s hand and leading him to the front, called out to the crowd and said “this young man needs to get to bed” giving him a big smile as he signed the album.   For years after, our son tucked into bed on a cold Parry Sound night going to sleep with those magical stories and a warm memory of a very special man.

~ Tim

White Squall Staff Canoe Trip 2016: Temagami

~ October 27th – 31st 2016

~ Day 1: Put in by Camp Wanipitei

White Squall Staff Canoe Trip 2016: Temagami

Temagami – land of the deepwater people and home to some of Canada’s last virgin white and red pine.  At the end of October this year and with a long, hot season behind us, Squall staff headed up for a 5 day old-fashioned canoe trip.  We were starting to forget what barrels and canoe packs were all about.

White Squall Staff Canoe Trip 2016: Temagami

To soften the time of year, we brought along a canvas tent and wood stove for the sub-zero nights. The early darkness was no problem with the crackle of a hot camp stove and hot rum.  Bringing along that tent and stove made the entire adventure all the more memorable.  There is nothing finer than being able to dry out every night and tell a few tall tales.

White Squall Staff Canoe Trip 2016: Temagami

~ Diamond Lake Pictographs

White Squall Staff Canoe Trip 2016: Temagami


White Squall Staff Canoe Trip 2016: Temagami


White Squall Staff Canoe Trip 2016: Temagami


White Squall Staff Canoe Trip 2016: Temagami


One of our goals was to get into the famous Wakimika Triangle and the old growth pine.  I recalled an old saying from my youth:  “when you think yourself a big man – go into the forest and stand before a pine – and tell that pine what a big man you are”  Well….I did that on this trip, and the pine just stared back as the wind murmured through it’s upper branches.  I think it was basically telling me to get lost.  I got the message.


White Squall Staff Canoe Trip 2016: Temagami


We were struck by the utter simplicity of canoe travel, where packing up is a matter of filling up oversized packs and throwing them into a waiting canoe, bobbing on the water in the morning light.  Packing sea kayaks is a much more involved and time-consuming chore – one we were happy not to have on a cold, damp morning.


White Squall Staff Canoe Trip 2016: Temagami


White Squall Staff Canoe Trip 2016: Temagami


Temagami is a cut above Algonquin and Killarney.  Why?  Not sure – could it be the jagged, torn and twisted rock – the high cliffs staring down as we paddled by or is it simply it’s deep and dark waters?  It’s got a mystery to it all its own, and we felt it.  It does demand more time  – maybe that’s it.  We all came home wanting to return…
White Squall Staff Canoe Trip 2016: Temagami
Keen to learn more about other canoe routes in Temagami? You can find some at the Canadian Canoe Routes site.

Final Fall Clearout

We’re open all weekend including Thanksgiving Monday with Blow-Out Pricing on new & used kayaks, canoes, boards and gear.

Drop by and put your name in for a chance to win one of 3 outdoor gear prizes personally paw-selected by Charly.

C’mon out and say hello for hot coffee and conversation with us or the chickens or Charly – the latter two will have all day to chat….