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A Thanksgiving Hoot

Hello everyone – Been a while and we’re just bustin’ with things to share:) White Squall Sailing a Northerly Bearing For the past 36 years, (in my Walter Mitty brain), I’ve imagined our old wooden shop to actually be an old wooden ship – constantly working to point north. Guess I don’t know how to […]

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Squall Spring

Hello Faraway Friends. Lots to share, so hang on to your shorts lightly and tightly – here we go! A Squall Spring These past few months, Kathy and I have pretended it’s 35 years ago when just the two of us carried boats, opened boxes and answered all kinds of phone enquiries. Actually, we were lucky if […]

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Global Medic GETS $4500

Global Medic GETS $4500! All of you deserve a hug for helping us raise just over $4500 for Global Medic. All of us here at White Squall want to send out a hearty hoot of thanks – in the last day we went up by $1500. The winners are all being contacted, if you know […]

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Wassup with this HOOT?

Wassup with this HOOT?

WASSUP with this HOOT? Thanks to everyone who said don’t give up on Wassup. We heard you loud and clear. Our Hooter fiends felt the same, so we’ve made an executive decision to join the two at the hip! Hope that works and if not – guess that’s the way the cookie crumbles. On your […]

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February First Hoot

Hello Friends of the Squall Hoot and Blat – We are turning our gaze to springtime with a fair few things to share. Snow Hike Feb. 16 – Killbear Park (pre-registration required) Join Peter Wassermann, Kathleen McGill and Tim Dyer for a chortling good time, wandering the beaches and open bush of Ontario’s most beloved […]

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Paddling People Hoot

Hello Paddling People Kathy, Charly and I are still in a fog about our decision to close the Paddling Centre. But as the months go by, it’s all starting to feel quite right. The kicker will be in April when we would normally see cars driving into the parking lot with the first visitors of […]

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Ho ho hoot

A MERRY ho Ho HO HOOT to You and Yer Kith and Kin  Squall Weather Report Thanks so much everyone for writing in about the big chess move Kathy and I made in October. Your support, memories and kind words have been overwhelming – to the point that it was only today I caught up on […]

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Squall Sea Change

After 35 years, Kathy and I are closing down the Squall Paddling Centre. We’ll still keep the Squall Town Shop going – and another provider is planning to take over part of what we do in their own Parry Sound business next springtime. We look forward to supporting them in their new adventure.  So what […]

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Hoot for fall clearance

End of Season Boat Sale on Now!

Plain and simple ~ it’s Fall Clearance time of year. Our rentals have mostly come home for a rest – but there ain’t no rest for boats, they need to float. So pete and tim have discounted everything on site – as well tons of new and used gear in the shop. If you have […]

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