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Happy Hoot & Holler

Staff sticking his head out of a thunderbox.

A Happy Hoot & Holler For Lazy Georgian Bay Days Warm breezes, sparkling waters and windswept pines are waiting for you – and it’s getting quieter out there sports fans. The swimming alone is world class! We have daytrips, lessons and the best rentals this side of Alberquerque. Staff Gathering We will be closed early […]

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Hot Hoot ~ Mid-Summer Sale

Chickens looking through the cage.

The shortest hoot we’ve ever done… Mid Summer Squall Sale is HERE! Yippers, we’re clearing out boats, shining our boots and combing our hair! All new and used in stock boats and board are discounted, along with gear, clothing and footwear. And then there is Tim and Kathy’s tent out by the chicken shed – […]

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Hannah’s hoot

Hannah’s Hoot – yup, i asked Hannah to pen this one as she has a talent for tall tales – so here we go… Level 1 Skills Course- May 31-June 2 Are you a beginner kayaker looking to improve your strokes, paddling knowledge and judgement?  Are you an intermediate kayaker looking to gain confidence in […]

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A Short Hoot

Short Hoot Chippawa Island (yup, this is the right spelling kids) This is the private island just west of Big McCoy. The family who owns it has kindly asked to me remind everyone it’s off limits for camping and campfires. While we’re thinking about the McCoys – a reminder too that Little McCoy is likewise […]

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Spring Forward Hoot

Kayaks on Rack

Mother’s Day Weekend Paddle on the Lake All mom’s sauntering through our door at both shops this weekend get a free water bottle – but you do have to saunter!   And we have some wild and dandy last-minute gifts for the woman who brought you into this crazy world.  Hey, you could bring mom out […]

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Hoot for Paddling

Hoot for Paddling

Look Up, It’s Paddling Time She’s here folks. Don’t let the weather guys fool you, spring is shining down, patiently waiting for us to look up and take in the heat. Just ask the robins and the pussy willows, they know what’s going on. Cole Lake hasn’t got the memo yet but we’re close. Franklin […]

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Hoot Out For Spring

Hoot Out For SPRING Oh MY GOSH – We’re Open! Quick, Turn on the LIGHTS Yessireebobdangeorge, the Squall is setting out for our 34th year! We are full-on, 9-5:30 7-days a Week except Good Friday. We have new boards, kayaks and canoes with more coming so our CBO (Carling Boat Orphanage) will just have to […]

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Hoot & Blathers for February

Hello winter people. Spring’s just around the next snowdrift – hang on to your shorts and shovel, grab yer paddle in the other hand– a totally Canadian move! Lots to tell so Stay Calm, Be Brave, Wait for the Signs… Paddling Film Festival, GlobalMedic & Kayak Giveaway March 23 The Squall Paddling Film Festival is […]

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