Chilly Hoot and Holler

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A Chilly Hoot and Holler To Ya!

Oh post-solstice winter – the time of our content, where the days are longer, the nights are stronger than moonshine. Big snowfalls and super cold air are the things that make us feel alive!?! Ok, ok sure – t’would be quite fine stretched out on a warm southern beach, but for most that ain’t happenin’. So…we gird our loins, yank on moth-eaten woolies and march out the door to that breath-gasping northern wind and remind ourselves we’re flipping lucky to be here. And when we have time, maybe go look up how to gird a loin.

Snowshoes, Kicksleds & Sun

Who knew that bringing in hand-made Finnish Kicksleds over 20 years ago would stir the nordic soul. But it has, and now lots of wannabe vikings are whooping and kicking their way across ponds and hills in our neck of the woods. Community trails are some of the best territory and if you have a willing dog, you’ll pulled along in this ancient way of getting about for mere cuddles and treats. Not your thing? We also have a ton of snowshoes ready to rent or sell at our town shop plus all kinds of warm winter gear and clothing for skiing, hiking, kicking, shoeing, cooking and sleeping. [email protected] 705-746-4936

Dreams of Warm Summer Days

Yes, our rental program is running… ya might want to catch it! Sorry – just reminded me of that old joke, “excuse me, is your refrigerator running”? Folks are booking boats now and we don’t have an armada like the Spanish once did, so best to get in touch if you’re fixin’ to take on Lord Nelson out on the high seas. I’ve heard that though he didn’t make it – his side won with a hot cup of tea served up in the midst of battle doing the trick.

Boats are Arriving Now

Somehow, some way – we’re getting boats now and throughout the winter. Don’t ask me how – cause all you and we hear about is supply chain bo bos, labour and raw materials going AWOL and the lack of just about everything, including common sense. All of which is fairly true, but stuff is trickling through the cracks. Lord knows if this will be sustained come springtime – so if you are pondering a new paddling partner (and by that i mean a cute hull) then best to let us know pdq. If you don’t see what you’re after – let us know and we’ll get back. [email protected]

Learn to PADDLE!

Canadians need to paddle, it’s just the way it is. Or at least tell others you can canoe even if you can’t tell your arse end from an egg or a yoke. We’re here and ready to help. Canoe, Kayak or SUP – just holler and we’ll set something up for you on quiet and lazy Cole Lake – the finest pond in Carling Township? Oh boy, gonna get mail now. Hemingway, let us know Tokyo [email protected]


LOOK OUT Olympics – here we come!

Our little town of 6500 has 3 contenders in Beijing. Megan Oldham is competing in Freestyle skiing – Mark Ideson is in Curling at the Paralympics and finally – Graham Ritchie is on the Olympic Cross Country Team! A friend Peter Istvan has compiled some pics of Graham’s career: All in all, a triumph for our little backwater – must be the blackflies?

Weather to Wet Your Whistle

Canadians love the mystery of weather. She’s in our face and kicks us soundly in the butt when we’re not looking, especially right now. I’m a bit of a nut and never get tired of learning more, so here is a site you may choose to spend a stormy night with:

Outer Island Project

The islands are still there! Just came back from a winter camp with friends to Franklin Isle. In bone chilling temps, it was flipping fine to find a thunderbox nestled in the woods near our camp when I was desperate. Crazy what simple pleasures a wooden box brings when your life and other things hang in the balance! Our year end Outer Island Report describes our annual efforts to keep the lid on crown land campsites. She’s a page-turner sports fans and i’m happy to send you a copy. Just fire a note to [email protected]. The key thought is that we all need to gather garbage, shift thunderboxes when full and for the love of pete, don’t paddle away thinking that the OIP gang is going to saunter by and clean up. Nay Nay Nicky, No way Jose – ’tis not how life works.

Wanna Teach Kayaking?

Our Paddle Canada Level 1 Sea Kayak Instructor course is now set to go for May 12-15 at White Squall. I’m happy as a clam that one of the best young Instructor Trainers in the country, Claire Henry, is joining myself and Kathleen McGill for this. It’s rare when we all get to teach together, and I’ll bet you a dark beer you’ll learn plenty – and so will we! Don’t have all the pre-requisites, but are a strong teacher and paddler and want to come? Tell us. There are some provisions for completing pre-reqs post-course depending on the circumstance. I can also send you a detailed course outline – just ask:)

Franklin Challenge – Sunday June 26!

Here is your chance to go down in history – just like Sir John. A circumnavigation of Franklin Island – not a race, nor a walk in the park. Canoe, SUP or Kayak makes no matter – what you need is a smile, a boat and a few hours to spend out on the sparkling waters with like-minded folk. It all starts at Snug Harbour and is in support of the Georgian Bay Biosphere Outer Island Fund. Reg details will be coming later on this winter on our website ( and we sure hope you can join in!

Lyrics and prose

So I messed with a famous author’s prose early on in this holler, along with song lyrics from my youth. Find and guess the truth of either and we’ll put your name in for a draw for a pair of Smartwool or Darn Tough Socks. Only kicker is you’ll need to stumble into our shop to get ’em.

Had enuff of this dyertribe? Just hit reply – and put ‘shove off tim’ in the subject line and i’ll shove myself right out of your life. Like Westjet says, ‘we know you have choices out there’ so thx for flying with the Squall! tim