Dog Days of Summer Hoot

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Dog Days of Summer Are Doggone by a Hair

Did ya ever wonder what the “dog days of summer’ were? My bet is many of you likely know and maybe forgot. For those who don’t – it’s that blissful time when bars and theme parks let dogs in for half price.  No?  Oh ok – wrong dictionary. So maybe it’s those days when the ‘dog star’ Sirius rises close to the Sun – and is officially over by Aug. 11, hence the ‘hair’.  It welcomes those hazy, lazy days when – if only for a moment – we get to forget what a bewildering world it truly is. So, forget the calendar – just pretend Sirius is still rising with her Sun buddy and paddle on, paddle on….

Delta Invasion

For those who care, these last 3 years we’ve had the dickens of a time keeping Delta kayaks in stock. We ain’t foolin’ around no more – 60 more of these puppies are trucking their way east to the shores of Cole Lake at end of Sept. We’re heaving caution and common sense to the four winds, so we don’t have to say quite so often ‘sorry lorry, you’ll just have to wait til hell freezes over to get that boat!’ If they don’t sell? Why tim will have to shovel more than words this winter…

You can holler to see exactly what’s coming:  [email protected] and shortly, they’ll all be up on our inventory:

And why Delta?  Well – they’re well priced – strong, light and comfortable.  Not the boat to be dragging on Georgian Bay rocks or pounding through 3 metre seas. The weight savings is all about treating them with love, attention, and the occasional dog bone if you are really sirius (sorry – can’t help myself)

Boat & Board Sale

Our constellation of boats have been siriusly discounted ~ gaze at the what we mean here

A couple of shinning stars –

H20 CANOES almost all are $400 off, these canoes are incredibly well made by Jeff Hill – a master builder toiling away in Tavistock – we love them!

OCEAN KAYAK MALIBU 2 Reg. $1149 Now $895. Stable, well-designed tandem sit on top that anyone could paddle – even me!


Not your dime-store cheapie kids – these are built better to last longer.


As rental demand slows we’ll be putting a few of our crew on sale (the boats, not the folks) so stay tuned to our website and this hoot.

There’s Thunder in them thar Islands

Our Outer Island Project is going gangbusters installing Thunderboxes like nobody’s business – well I guess it’s all of our business – especially when you have to go and do your business. Lots of paddlers have been doing their own campsite cleanup and it shows. Ultimately, that’s what has to happen – everyone taking time to haul garbage, dig holes  and stargaze like nobody’s watching…rather than gazing blankly at a fire through bleary eyes.  I love campfires – and on the rainy days with lots of wood, it’s flipping awesome. Though I just came back from an island that had little fuel wood, and hot dry conditions. A campfire had been abandoned and we found burned roots heading for the bush. The duckarse who did that just missed a $5,000 fine.  Luckily it didn’t carry on – but can you imagine if it got away? The entire island would be toast.  So not only would you have ruined some precious geography, you’re also on the hook for a lot of money.  Not good, and really no need, so sit back and enjoy the fresh air.  Bring binoculars – they make dandy telescopes.

Town Store in the Heart of the Hoot

Our little shop is stuffed with camping and paddling gear and clothing. Check us out at 19 James next time you’re lost, wandering and wondering what to do til you get found again. Speaking of wandering – one of the best and biggest bookstores on the planet is right beside us – Bearly Used Books.  Across the street is Jessica Vergeer Studio.  Her work is stunning and well worth a visit. So there ya go – our little downtown neighbourhood has tons to see and do.

Thanks for listening everyone.  And if you don’t want me in your face – just hit reply and put “take a hike tim” in the subject line and i will surely strap on my boots and be out of your life.  tim