Far Reach Round the Sun Hoot

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A Hoot and Holler as we round the far reach of our romp ’round the sun on this wild carousel of life!
Winter Sales


Our town shop at 19 James has deals galore as we keep the lights on through a dark winter. Every time you shop, we give you Squaller Dollars – a tradition going back decades. Not quite bars of gold, they offer a pleasant treat and a thanks to you for helping keep local folks happily employed. We stock top brands of outdoor clothing and gear – along with a wide selection of paddling equipment and boats. She’s a tall task in a small shop. Reminds me of Dave’s Record Store motto from Stuart McLean’s Vinyl Cafe: ‘we may not be big, but we’re small’. We cram in more stuff than an old parry sound ice hut – and may smell better too! [email protected] 705-746-4936


Fun with Runners


We hold the record for having kick sleds to rent and sell long before there’s snow on the ground! But now there is, so if you are looking for a new way to explore winter land and lake trails, these sleds will take you there. All you gotta do is kick like nobody’s watching! https://goslide.ca/ Not ready to glide through the snow? No sweat, we have Canadian built GV snowshoes for rent and to purchase, crafted in the hinterland of Quebec for over 60 years. Nobody knows snow better than those folks as they get more than their share with more bush-country than you can shake a stick at. Speaking of sticks, we’ve got trek poles for winter travel, making off-track wandering way more stable and fun.

Wilderness First Aid is Good for You – Truly:)


We are splinting our sides in joy to tell you instructors from Wilderness Medical Associates are heading north to teach 3 courses in April: Before your eyes glaze over, know this is not your garden variety training. Entirely focussed on practical skills to deal with emerging first aid problems in the big outdoors, I would wager that even if you don’t wander in the woods – no matter. There are times where you’ll need to step up when help is not round the corner. You don’t want to be ‘that person’ who gets all flummoxed, farty and foolish when things go south. Though I’ve taken a kit-full of these courses over the years – I always come away with a ton of new skills. And just because you’ve taken a standard classroom first aid course long ago – that doesn’t cut it in the bush, in the cold, in the dark – when time matters and you need to think and respond right quick. Open to young and old – spaces are limited so please give us a shout soon. https://www.whitesquall.com/first-aid/

Thom Morrissey, the ‘DROP’ & the Squall – Jan. 25


The “DROP” is a much-needed youth centre right across the street from the Squall in Parry Hoot: https://www.thedropparrysound.com/. The talented staff are top drawer, offering a welcoming and safe space for kids struggling to sort out life in small town Ontario. Being a non-profit, they need everyone’s help so here we go! Thom Morrissey is a friend and pro photographer with world-wide adventures to share in his special unique way and is the special guest for our winter ‘Squall Night’ – all proceeds to be drop-kicked right through the ‘DROP’s front door. Bring your wallet, pay what you can and just come – you won’t soon forget it! https://www.whitesquall.com/squall-night-jan-25-2023/ Oh yeah, if you have some christmas cookies laying about that would go well with our stunning hot coffee and tea – that’ll be dandy!


Think that’s enough to kick-start the year, thanks a lot for listening.



Oops, one more thing – we’re so happy to say we’re bringing back the International Paddling Film Fest at the Stockey on March 25th! Not just amazing adventure films, it’s a full evening of unparalleled excitement – imagine gourmet popcorn, secret recipe baking, cold beer, hot coffee and possibly one of the oddest, funnest sort of silent auctions you’ve ever seen. All in support of Global Medic – Canada’s conscience while the rest of us are tucked warm and safe in our winter beds. https://globalmedic.ca/ Tickets will be available Mid-January at: https://tickets.stockeycentre.com/TheatreManager/1/online?event=0

Need off the Squall Train? Roger that – just hit reply and put ‘de-rail me dyer’ and we’ll run ahead right quick on the snow-covered tracks to disconnect you before the next station comes into view – no charge.