Fire in the Belly with a Hoot in yer Hand

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Fire in the Belly with a Hoot in yer Hand

Sounds like a Fred Eaglesmith song. Yup, there’s a fire. Yes, they say it’s Parry Sound but the fire is on mainland north and east of Henvey Inlet, a couple three days paddle north of us. It is devastating but not near. Parry Sound, Byng Inlet and the islands are not affected unless the wind blows the wrong way. Then you are SOL (smoke out of luck) and the air smells of old burnt jackpine and rubber boots and not fun. You should not paddle the Bustards, French/Pickerel delta down to Henvey Inlet for the time being. But there is a lifetime of paddling below and beyond that. If anyone in the restricted area innocently lights a campfire, you’ll not only be guilty but will have to explain to your very significant other a fine of $25,000 and some time in sing sing – or purgatory or wherever. So don’t do it.

Mid-summer Paddling

The swimming is spectacular and the Bay is in all its glory. Please don’t sit at home and say “well, with all the dryness and the fires and the wacky state of US politics – maybe we’ll stay home and watch Netflix” You can do that on a nasty night in November with a bag of Miss Vicki’s – now’s the time to jump in the water and let your mind and body enjoy some Bay time. We have rentals, lessons, great deals on boats and can even throw together a private island daytrip for you and your paddling buddies. 705-342-5324 or [email protected]

Our Town Shop and the Group of Seven

The Jackson brothers hailing from McKellar are transforming our little town shop into a colour palate taken from that most famous of Canadian painting groups. The town fathers and mothers gave us some matching funding and begged us to get rid of our butt-ugly white siding and pastel green fascia. So away we went – and like a phoenix, the old building is rising again. Have a look and if you like it – tell your aunt. If you don’t, tell the Jackson boys and run – they might throw a bucket of paint on you!

Want to stay on fire with the hoot? Nothing to do. Want to be doused? Just hit reply and put “put me out timbo” and we’ll cheerfully off you. Thanks, tim