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Hannah’s Hoot – yup, i asked Hannah to pen this one as she has a talent for tall tales – so here we go…

Level 1 Skills Course- May 31-June 2

Are you a beginner kayaker looking to improve your strokes, paddling knowledge and judgement? 
Are you an intermediate kayaker looking to gain confidence in your rescues, navigation and weather interpretation? 
Are you an experienced kayaker looking to become a stronger asset on day trips or over night get-aways? 
The Paddle Canada Level 1 Course is often described as an exponential learning curve experience for paddlers of varying skill levels as they learn more about things from efficient strokes, confident navigation, what the heck you do when you or someone else falls out of their boat, and incredible geological facts about the bay! 
The Paddle Canada certification is optional, learning new stuff will happen regardless. 
Wondering if this would be a good fit for you (it probably is) then give us a call or sign up online: 

Weekly Lessons

Did you know we run weekly kayaking and Stand Up Paddle Boarding lessons? Oh boy do we ever! EVERY SATURDAY you can catch us basic skill-ing around the lake.
Click here to see times, prices and more details! www.whitesquall.com/lessons-on-the-lake/

Day Trips on the Beautiful Bay

We run day trips for groups of a minimum of two participants Monday to Friday from 9:30-4:00. This is a no-kayaking-experience-necessary trip (though we do require you to be able to swim comfortably in a PFD) with lots of time to lay on the hot rocks, explore quiet bays, talk about your dreams and aspirations learn about the Bay’s ecology all while dipping your paddle in the clear Georgian Bay waters! Give us a call: 705-342-5324 or send an e-mail: [email protected]

The Franklin Challenge is Challenging you (yes you- the one reading this) June 23

We have paired up with the Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve to raise money for Franklin Island and surrounding islands clean-up fund! Paddle the whole-tootin’ 20km challenge or the half-tootin’ 8km challenge OR you can sit in a comfy chair at home and simply donate to support the great cause without any of the hard work (though you would miss out on the great scenery and even better cookies)! 
Click here to register or to donate: https://www.whitesquall.com/franklin-challenge/

Level 1 Sea Kayak Instructor Course- July 9-12

You’re a darn good paddler who wants to teach friends, family and your uncle bob. This course will allow you to teach beyond basic strokes, rescues, navigation, group management and other pertinent paddling practical skills to people of all ages! Check out this link to learn more: https://www.whitesquall.com/course/level-1-sea-kayak-instructor/

What happens when you mix sugar with water? Of course you get our Teen SWEETWATER Expedition!

This epic 8 day trip is a perfect fit for a teen aged 14-17 with a keen interest in outdoor adventure! It is a great way to develop leadership and group management skills along with handy outdoor craftsmanship all at once while exploring the bay. Participants will be involved in route planning, camp set up, weather tracking, group management, food preparation and so many fun games they can put “game-master” on their resume. If you know someone who may fit in this amazing opportunity, please pass along to them. It is truly one heck of a good time! For more details click here: https://www.whitesquall.com/trip/teen-sweetwater-expedition/ 

Gary Doran

Gary Doran, our longtime friend and colleague – passed away this week. He leaves a big hole in the heart of the Canadian paddling community. Gary paddled with us many years ago on Georgian Bay and Lake Superior and it was then that i came to cherish his quick wit, humble manner and profound humanity. He migrated west and over time became one of the top sea kayak trainers in the country. But you would never know it. When a talented person walks this earth and cares far more about those he meets than his own accomplishments – he fast becomes both an inspiration and honour to have known him. Fair winds Gary. tim dyer

 ̶T̶i̶m̶’̶s̶ ̶T̶i̶p̶ ….Hannah’s Tip (she just took off on some crazy adventure so I’m channeling hannah here)

Steal time…whenever and wherever you can. Squeeze what you can from every flipping day – and never sit on your fanny, unless it’s to catch your breath. She routinely talks staff into eating their lunch out on the water. Last year she somehow talked a gang into sleeping on the bottom of canoes overnight, despite the bugs. It’s not uncommon for her to spontaneously head down a creek, just because it would be fun and there’s an hour left before the sun goes down. She reminds all of us that there are plenty enough adults in the world, so it’s ok to be a kid again…

If you have had enough these hoots just reply “hoot off” and we’ll off yer hoot