Happiest of Days Hoot

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Thanksgiving Eve
Some things never grow old, here is my cheer to a song that keeps me going when it seems the world is going to hell in a handbasket. Hope you can sit back, close your eyes and dream…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_efdDMlCe-A
The Squall Paddling Centre Lives On
We’ll be here 7 days a week including Turkey Monday, and likely for a few more weeks more, but probably by appointment. So do come after Thanksgiving but best to check in case we’re out paddling somewhere. [email protected] And our town shop trucks along merrily at 19 James with new Patagonia clothing, maps, sleeping bags, stoves and cozy underwear. [email protected]
Sock Draw & Best Places to Camp
Thanks to all who wrote in, and cheers to the folks who won socks, may your feet never whine again. We heard some of your favourite sites on the Bay – including Henrietta Point on Franklin Isle (panoramic blue sky views), Anywhere on South Side of Philip Edward Isle (here the bears & the berries run free:) and my favourite – Horsely Island. I’ll leave it to you to find, enough to say it’s right under our collective noses, an unheralded safe site when the Bay roars. I’m curious, tell us a song that has just jumped out at you in the last few weeks and I’ll throw your name in the smelly toque for socks. I’ll start off with: Boz Scaggs (remember him?) – High Sierra https://bit.ly/46rr3tF
Tim’s Tip
There are things I just need to shine my headlamp on…New RBW Mapcase – Tim has used (and thrown out) just about every map case known to wandering souls. But here’s one I won’t ever give up, thanks to Andy at Recreational Barrel Works. This baby has 4 on the floor, 3 on the tree and 2 on the roof – as well as…Waterproof CHE Zipper that…wait for it….opens in about the same time you need to pull up your drawersIP68 rated to a meter of water to not let in dust (who cares) or water (i care!)UV stabilized, PVC and BPA freeClear as a bell on both sides and – oh my sainted aunt – you can use your devices while inside the case! (not you, the devices!)$49.95 and we can ship ’em pretty cheap by Royal Mail – an awesome gift anytime, or for that camper on your Christmas list!
Used, Demo & New Boats
We’ve discounted just about every boat we can lay our eyes on. It’s the time of year when all good boats need a home before winter comes. Have a gander: https://www.whitesquall.com/kayak-canoe-sup/
Taking Care of Business…
I’m a happy kid boating around and cleaning campsites, digging holes, listening to Stan Rogers. But my Walter Mitty life needs help. Well, actually the islands need help cause I can’t get out there as much as I would like. One of the ideas floating around in pondering about pooping (forget the alliteration, how about that floating part – some of my best work eh?) What if some folks would take on a campsite and own it. Kind of like ‘Adopt a Highway’ but instead, ‘Adopt a Thunderbox!’. Would mean checking on it a couple of times a season, and when you need help with delivering a t-box or picking up garbage why you just ‘call out my name, and you know where ever I am, I’ll come running. T’will give me an excuse to get back out on the Bay. This will take some head scratching but for now, just curious if anyone out there would say ‘sign me up’. If so, I’ll be in touch over the winter and we’ll trot it out next season. But please, don’t want you if you’re seeking fame and glory – no sirreeebobdangeorge – you have to have a shovel and the technical ability to dig a hole, gather garbage and not get lost. Not trifling skills don’t ya know. I can see T-Shirts with a thunderbox and “Taking Care of Business…On the Bay!” They’ll be sought after I’m sure.
Happiest of Days
Long ago, Kathy and I were astonishingly lucky to welcome our son Jesse into our world. He arrived in style by helicopter from Sudbury Hospital of all things, then grew up in a wild and crazy place where his home was invaded by staff, customers & chickens. But he made it, becoming our youngest paddling instructor/guide who then decided that maybe flying a plane was a way saner thing to do. Meeting someone else of like mind and heart with almost the same name (she flies too!) – Jessica – was for sure the best thing in his life. All came back ’round to paddling a couple of weeks ago as they headed out for new horizons together…officially married! In a canoe built by Kathy’s dad Kurt long ago. All our life’s a circle…
May the wind be at your back …Happy Thanksgiving. timIf you’re not crazy about all this then neither am I, just want a good cup of tea. Hit reply and put ‘go away tim’ and I surely willps – without AI (arsehole intelligence) or any other aid – pick out at least two song references (Not Stan Rogers, Garnet Rogers or Boz Scaggs) in my blatherings. We’ll sing your name into the old toque for a chance at socks twice!