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A Happy Hoot & Holler For Lazy Georgian Bay Days

Warm breezes, sparkling waters and windswept pines are waiting for you – and it’s getting quieter out there sports fans. The swimming alone is world class! We have daytrips, lessons and the best rentals this side of Alberquerque. www.whitesquall.com

Staff Gathering

We will be closed early today, Aug. 19 at 3:30pm for a staff party. Thanks for your understanding!

Late Summer Boat Blowout

All new, used and rental boats are up for grabs. Some we can’t sell til after the long weekend, but a bunch are just waiting for you to take them away to a new life. As always, we take boats back for 30 days after purchase for refund or exchange cause our goal is to match you with the right boat donchaknow!https://www.whitesquall.com/boats/

Town Shop & Paddling Centre are Busting with Deals

Yup, this is the time to stock up on all that cool outdoor gear and clothing you’ve been lying in bed dreaming about. We’ve got a lot of stuff to clear out so c’mon and rummage away.

Fall Colour Daytrip – Sept. 21

A gentle adventure at the absolute best time of year – warm water, Group of Seven scenery and a coast bursting into colour. No experience needed – just a smile on your face and a spring in your step. Bring lunch and we’ll serve up hot tea and Kathy’s home-made muffins (seriously the best ones Tim has tasted over his many years…)www.whitesquall.com

(this just went live, so not on website til tomorrow – you can be the first to sign up by calling in to 705-342-5324 or fire and e-mail: [email protected])

Sea kayaking in the Cathcart Islands in Georgian Bay

A Getaway Paradise for Everyone – OWL Rafting

Kathy and I are not rafters -but we just came back from visiting Graham Ketcheson (former senior manager here and now managing OWL) and had the time of our lives – really! We went on a guided afternoon family raft run down the Ottawa River and stayed over at their riverside resort for three unplanned nights, not wanting to leave. Every person at OWL is highly trained, respectful and welcoming, and Graham being Graham is helping to nurture that every step of the way. He’s got incredible mentors in Claudia and Dirk -the owners – who are renowned in the international paddling world for their exceptionally high standards. It occurred to me our Squall Staff are kindred spirits and would fit in well there. There is something for all ages and abilities – no skill needed which is perfect for me. And you will be treated to the most famous heritage river in Canada, with stunning wild landscapes and a hearty cruise boat barbeque to get back to the resort – the only company in the world to offer that! But here is the best part – it’s all wrapped up with great meals, accomodation and a ton of things to do and explore (like the local pub!). You could easily spend relaxing time there without even rafting and just hang out. It’s full-on European style hospitality at a really reasonable price – it’s way different. Go – and if you don’t have a good time I’ll eat my shorts. https://owlrafting.com/

Ps-in case you’re wondering why I’m raving on about this place, it’s simply and only because it deserves it – no other reason. J

Outer Island Project

Squall Staff have gone out nearly a dozen times already this summer to check on campsites, install new outhouses and clean up garbage. We need everyone to do their bit – but it’s hard for us to invite you along as we go on a moment’s notice depending on weather. So consider doing stuff on your own – it’s easy and we have a short “how to” doc we can send you to help. Donations are always gratefully accepted and you can call them in or do it in person in town or at the Paddling Centre.

Staff with a head sticking out of a thunderbox.

Tim’s Tip

Buy high, sell low…? Oh gee – maybe I got that backwards? Ok, here’s another. For all Kayak, Canoe & SUP paddling, the best technique is the one that gets you where you want to go with the least sweat. There are no easy fixes but here are my top 5 suggestions:

#1 – Go Short or Go Home

Within reason, going to a shorter paddle means lighter, so that’s good – and the bonus is a faster cadence. Years ago a paddling magazine actually tested faster cadence vs slower in wind – and guess what, the faster cadence wins hands down. 

#2 – Get the Blade in the Water

Often we are so excited to paddle we forget to fully insert the blade before applying power. You’ll know you are messing up if there is a lot of splash and noise – neither of which helps in propulsion.

#3 – Keep Your Elbows Up – Both of Them!

Raising your elbows away from your side results in a better stroke. Try it both ways and see what you think. Mark Scriver, one of Canada’s top paddlers taught us that years ago and it works!

#4 – Crunch

Use your tummy muscles to drive the paddle. If you only feel it in your arms, you’ll tire far faster – so let the arms transmit power from your lower core, as there is simply more muscle there (and in my case a bit of beer belly)

#5 – It’s Mostly Front Wheel Drive

Keep the paddle in front of you by rotating your torso and reaching as far forward as you can and then pull out just before your hips. That gives you the most power and helps with creating a faster cadence!

Socks Anyone?

Thanks for making it this far. Fire back with questions, corrections or your best tip and we’ll put your name in the hat for a Smartwool or Darn Tough sock draw. Winter is coming and who doesn’t need warm toes.

Had enough and want off the mailing list? – just reply with ‘go sock yourself Tim’ and we’ll sock it to you. Thanks everyone…