Hinterland Hoot

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We’re doing it online sports fans so fire up the popcorn and come for a ride on the wild side without leaving your couch. You’ll be supporting Global Medic, one of Canada’s shining lights in the world and an entirely volunteer-run rescue response team. They were on the ground this autumn in the Philippines working with typhoon rescue efforts as well as in Armenia and Azerbaijan where conflict is causing huge human suffering. With COVID, they are providing critical infrastructure including Treatment Field Tents, PPE and emergency food distribution programmes. All the details are here: globalmedic.ca You’ll more understand just how important these guys are to the tapestry of Canada.

Link to the films here:  https://paddlingfilmfestival.com/?ref=WHITESQUALL     Use promocode WHITESQUALL10 for a 10% discount.


To further support Global Medic, we are hosting a super easy and remarkable raffle of paddling and outdoor gear and so much more – all offered by the outdoor industry and local folks who care. To get in the game, all you have to do is donate to https://globalmedic.ca/donate/ and e-mail us to say you did your part! For each $20 donation, we put your name in the hat. The ‘stuff’ – and lordy there is stuff let me tell you – will be sorted into three lots for three lucky winners. You will get a better chance of winning the gear of your dreams than you would becoming the next governor general. Friday, April 30 @ Noon is the draw date. Already we have Paddles, PFD’s, Skirts (the neo kind which are hot fashion right now), Keen boots, Socks, Organic jams and a ton more.


If the paddling gods and covid are willing and/or asleep at the switch, we’re seriously pondering this almost-famous circumnavigation of Franklin Island come late June. It’s a 20km wander around the island at your own speed – and yup, we have a shorter route for those who would rather drink beer back at Gilly’s. All of this fun and frivolity is to support the Georgian Bay Biosphere Outer Island Fund. Yup, that little pine box with a convenient hole in the top and a big pit on the bottom you may have enjoyed on a windswept island is visible proof we truly care about your business. More detail ahead once we see what the world looks like in a month or so. In the meantime, start dreaming of sitting out there on a fragrant wood box with a splendid view.


A flurry of kayaks, canoes & boards will arrive at the Squall just when the dogwood and trilliums decide to poke their heads up (as well as the blackflies!). Some have already been spoken for but there is still lots to be seen at: https://www.whitesquall.com/kayak-canoe-sup/ Supply chains, delivery and raw materials are all still big issues so don’t dilly-dally. We’ll do our best to get you on an island with a loaf of bread, a jug of wine and a really nice boat. Quelque questions? [email protected] is only a few keystrokes away!


We’re presently shuttered til the great storm is over, but you can get us anytime by calling 705-746-4936 or [email protected] It’s full to the brim with snowshoes, paddling gear, outdoor clothing, maps and a myriad of other fairly funky stuff jammed into a wee space. We are still in the thick of winter with more deliveries of sleds kicking all the way from Finlandic shores. Never thought this historic Nordic way of getting about would be so hot with us conservative Canadians, – but holy cow they are fun. https://goslide.ca/

Tim and Bernie kicksled

Here’s me taking Bernie for a spin with Gavin Utas making sure he doesn’t fall off!


It will soon be time to take a stand. I know she’s cold out there, but the planet is trying to tilt as quickly as it can towards the sun. In the meantime, here’s a refresher for basic paddle boarding: https://bit.ly/3a4fIEb
Blue Planet doesn’t mess around and gives us simple, solid coaching. If only online learning could all be like this huh?


Fixin’ to get out on the Bay this summer and need a rental boat? Although we are a mere shadow of our former selves we still have a fair few boats to help so you don’t have to swim to get there. That would be different huh – swim camping. I’ve not done it but I’m sure someone has – could be the next big thing. It would put us out of business dats for sure. But if you’re not so inclined, then best to get your dibs in for rentals soon as you know what you’re up to – just fire us an e-mail at: [email protected]


We’ve always admired Outdoor Research as a decent, responsive company that strives to create a workspace that is clean and inspiring. They make good stuff right here on the continent at a time when many outdoor companies gravitate to the lowest offshore options. I understand offshore production provides work around the globe and is really important, but it’s also nice to see a company that seeks to provide a good living for workers right here. Their story is worth a few minutes if you have a chance: https://tinyurl.com/y3s4ttng


Been longing for summertime dreams as i end this hoot. Here’s a bit more from the guy who brings so much joy to those lucky to have found him and can listen quietly …
Where the road runs down by the butternut grove
To old Bill Skinner’s stream
Do tell at the noonday bell
It’s time for a summertime dream
In a lunch pail town in a one horse way
You can live like a king and queen
Let’s steal away in the noonday sun
It’s time for a summertime dream
Gordon Lightfoot


Yup, time for me to go chat with some boats or wax up the kicksled. Thanks for giving me a wee slice of your time. Don’t forget that every time you point a finger, there’s a bunch of them pointing back at you. We’re all sinners in some way and this planetary episode is giving us all a great big kick in our rear ends. tim

Don’t need a kick? Just hit reply with “no kicks for me tim” in the subject line and we’ll make sure not to bug you any longer.