History of the Squall

Back in 1985 Kathy and I (Tim) were displaced teachers from BC and living on the shores of Cole Lake. We were teaching paddling in our spare time, and one summer day got the bright idea that maybe we ought to start up a paddling outfit of our own. Forget a business plan or market forecast, we just decided to do it. Over 30 years later, we’ve found ourselves one of the largest kayak outfits in Ontario. Who would’ve thought that!?

But it took us a while to get here. Slowly, ever so slowly – Parry Sounders started to visit. In the slow days, we took comfort in our fairly friendly chickens and friends who helped kept the Squall afloat (pun intended!)

Summers came and went with ever increasing numbers of boats, paddling gear and staff! Now here we are, over 30 years later, still loving getting ourselves and others out on the Bay.