Hoot about Wassup in light of Covid 19

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Hi Everyone

Our hearts go out to those most affected and this newsletter is not meant to diminish what’s going on. It’s about looking ahead to the day when we can get back to the Bay, back to the bush and back to whatever constitutes normal in our lives.

Rotary Food Delivery Parry Sound

The local Rotary club has taken on the challenge of getting food to everyone who can’t or mustn’t get out. It’s a comprehensive, well-thought effort and deserves all our support. (https://portal.clubrunner.ca/217/Stories/grocery-delivery) If you know of someone who needs this service and maybe isn’t computer savvy – perhaps you can guide them through the process – it’s very easy. If you want to volunteer, they always need help. I heard on radio chatter about how getting food delivered from grocery stores down south can take up to 2 weeks, thus encouraging people to break their quarantine. First off, thats nonsense and secondly – right here in Parry Sound we have this covered thanks to Rotary. So no excuse folks, if you are supposed to stay home – please do.

Does Anyone Need Help?

Please let us know if there are people you know that need something, and for whatever reason you can’t help. All of us want to be useful and we’ll be there – or find someone who can. Just hit reply and there ya go.

Auction for Global Medic

Only a few sleeps and it will be all done – but there is still time to help us out. Deadline is 12-noon Tuesday, March 31. Please check out: White Squall Outdoor Store’s Auction Album on Facebook. We thank everyone for taking the time to work with us on a pretty important fundraiser. Global Medic is on the ground helping internationally with the pandemic (https://globalmedic.ca/covid-19-response-2020/). They are also working in Syria where over 11 million are in need of humanitarian help. This is beyond imagining. We will let you know directly if you are a lucky winner – and will give you details as to how you can send your $ directly to Global Medic. Once our Outdoor Store is open again, you can pick up there – or if you want us to ship, we can arrange that with you. Finally, if you just want to help and don’t need anything – you can donate to GM directly at: https://globalmedic.ca/donate/. They are a registered charity and operate entirely as volunteers, so you know your money is being as effective as possible.

White Squall Outdoor Store

Our little store is getting a spring makeover – to make room for more paddles, pfd’s and gear – sort of a mini-version of our Paddling Centre. Once we’re open again we’ll be full tilt, 7 days a week, year-round. And we can still mail order to you as needed. 705-746-4936

Used & New Boat Sales

Down the road we are happy to set up appointments for you to come, pick up sold boats or to look at new and used boats we have here on site. I even went so far as to order in a few new Bluewave Boards, H20 canoes and Delta Kayaks. Don’t ask me why but I did! And please don’t come out and wander around, rather we ask it be all by appointment. We’ll try to work around your schedule as best we can. You can see our inventory at: https://www.whitesquall.com/kayak-canoe-sup/

Info is the New Squall Phone!

For any questions you have, We are only an ‘info’ away. Please just e-mail [email protected]. You will get a reply almost as fast as a phone call. Try it – you just might like it. You can also try the Outdoor Store phone @ 705-746-4936

Tim’s Tip

As the ice leaves and you’re looking for things to do – it’s awfully tempting to get out paddling on that sparkling water on a sunny afternoon. The main message is DON’T. Unless you are in a drysuit, with a lot underneath, together with a couple of other boats paddled by people who know what they are doing and you are all very close to shore. Even a drysuit will not save you if you end up in the drink for long.
If you want off this newsletter, we’re only a keystroke away. Just hit reply and put ‘time to go tim’ and I will go away. Thanks for listening and take care of each other, tim