Hoot & Blat for the Coming Solstice

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Hoot & Blat for the Coming Solstice

Warm Toes – Who Won, and Why Does Relative Humidity Really Matter

Winners of our sock draw – Joan Kline, Chrissy Istvan and Sandy Boeckh. Sock on ladies! For the rest of you, keep your toes quivering – fire in your e-mail with your best joke for another hot draw for Darn Tough and Smartwools. If you followed my ‘dyertribe’ about cold feet from the last hoot, here’s reader Ian Sinclair who actually knows what he’s talking about.

Hey, I want warm feet! One trick I consider is to allow a little air into the foot environment in winter, even periodically. Winter air is very dry and when it comes in contact with your soggy foot area, it warms up, its relative humidity plummets and it becomes very able to absorb moisture and take it away from the socks. I am also a huge fan of knee socks (OK British history might also be the reason) – pulled up to the knee they make a huge difference. Personally, the Fox knee socks from MEC have been about the best ever. That and of course permeability, which is where mukluks do so well. Just let the moisture out.

BTW I teach about the moisture properties of air amongst other things at U of T and a human’s battle with relative humidity is personal as a winter runner. A puff of cold dry air inside your running jacket can transport away a lot of moisture. Then again, a tarp and a sauna, sounds like you’re right on top of the psychrometric chart! Cheers Ian

PS If you buy a pair of wool socks, anytime before Christmas, we’ll send you away with a 2nd pair for half off.

Carbon Greenlanders

We’ve been stocking Gear Lab’s carbon Greenland paddles for a year now and are very happy with the skinny little rascals. I’ve used them in rolling lessons and staff have had them on all our trips – strong, light and well-balanced (sort of like me?!) It’s odd to think of such high-tech material, crafted in Taiwan – shipped by boat across the ocean to Nobel – paddled by all ages – with an arctic heritage thousands of years old. Brings the world together – one stick at a time.

Lonely Kayak Looking For A Home

Brian Hanley wrote in asking for help from all of you:

I have a partly-finished cedar strip kayak for sale. I thought I’d bring it to your attention. Had low-ball offers like $50 and $100, and frankly the money isn’t that important to me, but I figure I have at least $300 into materials already. I don’t expect any of my time so far to be reimbursed 😉 Call me sentimental, but I’d really like to see this go to someone who will finish it and paddle it themselves or give it to someone who will enjoy it. If you have any ideas or have anyone who may be interested I’d appreciate any assistance you can offer. [email protected]

Kijiji Link:https://www.kijiji.ca/v-canoe-kayak-paddle-boat/owen-sound/cedar-strip-kayak/1398565263?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true

Lightning Fast Christmas Solutions!

Before you can say “Holy cow, it’s Christmas already!” we can hit a button and fire off an E Gift Certificate good for anything we do or sell. Our elves are wiggling on the edge of their seats just waiting for your call (705-746-4936).  If you pick your Gift Certificate up at the Town Shop, you receive one of Kathy Dyer’s own kayak Christmas cards as a nice way to deliver your gift.  

Stealthy snowshoes

Christmas for you, pay for any boat in full before Dec 31 and get a pair of high-speed snowshoes for free!

If You Could Read His Mind – Quickly!

Gordon Lightfoot sees the David Suzuki Foundation (https://davidsuzuki.org/) as a vital piece in getting our planet back on an even keel. He’s promising $10000 again this year if the Foundation gets 1000 donors by Dec. 15. Any amount – don’t be shy.

Stocking Stuffer, the OPP and Tim’s Tip

I talked to the Midland and Parry Sound OPP marine detachments last summer, asking if they require a waterproof light when doing canoe, kayak and SUP checks on the water (so’s you know, there’s no legal requirement except for low-light conditions). Both replied that many officers do check and when asked why, one said that regardless of time of day, if someone gets into trouble and needs to signal (and by then it could be dark) a light could save your life. If you are stopped on the high seas on a sunny day, the last thing you want is an argument about what and what isn’t law. Besides, I think I know who’s going to win. So, suck it up and carry a friggin’ light. And don’t think that those cheap lights stashed in your safety kits will work cause they often don’t! Besides, if you are floating out in the middle of the Bay on your lonesome, imagine trying to find the damn light stashed somewhere – best to have it right on your lifejacket. Which is where the stocking stuffer comes in J. I carry a personal waterproof locator light on my PFD. It’s called a “SplashFlash” dual function 25 lumen LED and sells for 20 bucks in our town shop. They work, use a AAA battery and won’t break the bank.

Thanks for hanging out here everyone. Had enough? – hit reply and put “Lights Out Timmer” in the subject line and we’ll flip the switch. I’ll crank up the old keyboard again in Jan. with another hoot of a holler. Til then, Merry ho hO HO and to all a sleepy, snowy night….t

Ps-don’t forget to write in with your best joke for a chance to win a pair of socks!