Hoot & Blat on a Bloomin’ Beauty Summer’s Day

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HI Paddling Folk, masked and masquerading bandidos in this wild, wild west of unknowns.  We do know a titch though, so gird your loins, hoist your shorts and away we go!

Squall Rentals

Yessirreebobdangeorge – We’re renting tandem kayaks, a few singles, 2 SUPs and one very light, fancy canoe. Get in touch ([email protected]) if you are looking for a way to get out while the gettin’ is hot. We’re booked solid through this coming August weekend (Aug 1-3) though we’ve got availability August 4th and beyond, and we’ll do our durndest to help!

Delta Dawn

Ok, couldn’t help it. Without googling – what is the next line in that song? No socks this time kids, but it’s fun to just have you connect with us. Speaking of socks, congratulations to 4 lucky soles (sorry) and thanks to all of you who wrote in. Now I’ve got Delta in the conversation, we have another Delta Kayak order (https://www.deltakayaks.com/) coming in early fall and are pre-selling from that fleet. Interested in jumping aboard?  Email us at [email protected].

Current Designs Gulfstream, Caribou

I just learned that classics really can come back. After a bit of cajoling we’re able to ask Current Designs to bring back the Gulfstream! – possibly the best kayak I’ve ever owned. It’s almost the only kayak I’ve ever owned but that is beside the point. We have some coming in October and it’s not too late to get in on it. Think of it as a 67 Mustang – you just can’t drop by your garden variety Ford dealer and get one dontchaknow. One of the fastest boats we ever had at the Squall was the Caribou – and yup, CD has said they will build her again. Not into the oldie goldies?  Fine, check out the Sisu. I paddled it recently in 20 knot winds and was blown away by its speed, ability to surf, track and the ease with which it changes course on edge. Truly a remarkable, state of the art hull. cdkayak.com

Paddling Gear, Clothing and Hot Conversation

All of this and more at 19 James, home to our Outdoor Store in the heart of the hoot – Parry Hoot that is.. For long-timers, you just might see Colleen, Patti, Paula, Jane, Lynn, Robin, Cathy, Izzy, Kathleen, Jan and likely others I’ve forgotten – all of whom have been pinch-hitting to keep the Squall Ship sailing in town, 6 days a week Mon-Sat – rain or shine!

Custom Kayak, SUP & Canoe Lessons

From “nope, never done that” to “heck, i knows just about every flipping thing there is to know but just thought I would fine tune some things”. Get in touch for youth, family and adult lessons on beautiful Cole Lake. Tim, Izzy and Kathleen are happy to get out of the office and get on the lake with you! [email protected]

Bear Alert

The outer island berry crop this year is a wee spotty, but there are some pretty bountiful patches. This intel has been shared through the ‘Ursa Bruin Benevolent Society’ (UBBS – you can google it tho I just made it up) Their social media feeds have woken them from slumber and they are out there as we speak, chowing down cause isn’t that what a social feed is all about? Don’t forget it’s their kitchen and living rooms we’re messing with, so best get your shoes off at the door and tread softly.

The Limestones Will Make Your Head Tern

The Limestone Isles are the last you’ll see before the deeps of the Bay rear their head west of the Mink & McCoys. Protected by the government, poison ivy and big waves – the latter two don’t cost any money and are a helluva lot more efficient. If you do try to visit (not camp!) – it has to be after August 1 so you don’t disturb nesting, and you need to be very respectful of the Caspian and Common Tern colonies. I found out this spring that the one colony on the North Limestones represents 2% of the world’s remaining tern population!

Trust the Land Trust

The Georgian Bay Land Trust is well worth supporting for their constant conservation efforts along the Bay coast ( gblt.org) Their newsletter ‘Landscript’ is worth the price of membership alone! In their summer issue, Bill Lougheed weaves a wonderful tale of the incredible biodiversity at the boundary between our waters and shore. The worn mountains of the Grenville province, pounded by glacial periods have provided a shattered landscape of myriad directional channels constantly washed by the seiche effect of wind-driven waves. This in turn feeds nutrients and habitat to the wider littoral zone. This is the stuff we paddle through and along – and that land/water interface in our biosphere is so big, it would stretch across this country more than 10 times and is home to the richest biodiversity of life in Canada. This is world-class stuff folks, and worth remembering as we spark up a campfire on a summer’s night.

Spark Up a Campfire – Who the Heck Just Said That?

Are you nuts? I know, you may have had your first beer, kiss or both around the old campfire and I love them as much as a Canadian can – but we just can’t light them on the islands in the dry summer months anymore. Even after a downpour, the scant soil dries out immediately to wind-blown tinder – and the trees are just gasping for water. Throw a wayward spark into that and you may not only destroy an entire island – you are begging for a $25,000 fine. Try explaining that to your friends. Save the trees and see the stars – it really is worth it.

Thaaaat’s all she wrote for now folks – thanks for listening. Tim

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