Hoot & Holler for November

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Paddling Centre Winter – 53 East Carling Bay Rd.

We’re sitting out the winter here on the shores of mighty Cole Lake. And we would be tickled pink to arrange an appointment if you would like to come and have a gander at a boat or two. The old shop has been transformed into a display area for kayaks and SUPS along with core gear like paddles, pfds, skirts, cockpit covers and other paddle essentials. Best to let us know through e-mail [email protected]. Little forest elves are prancing on the keyboard 24/7 – eating their miss vicki’s and ready to pounce on any message coming in.

Outdoor Store Winter – 19 James

Our friendly little store for the big outdoors is where the main action is and we’re open mon-sat year round. We simply ask for a mask to cover your big beautiful smile. We’ve got kick sleds, snowshoes and a blistering array of warm clothing to keep your motor running all winter long. Best of all, every time you shop we’ll festoon you with our famous Squaller Dollars. Speaking of festooning – Christmas is coming and the geese are not getting fat – they’re gettin’ out of dodge while the gettin’ is good. In the meantime, those of us stuck on the ground are nestling in and ready to help you with Christmas shopping that is funner and faster than hitting the old keyboard and better than relying on the pony express.

Parry Sound Girlfriends Week Nov. 16-21

This event is always a hum dinger – check out www.downtownparrysound.ca. There are things going on all over the Hoot and the Squall will have lots of special stuff, including a draw to win great gear like snowshoes, backpack and a base layer to warm both your heart and soul.

Kayak for Christmas

Or what about a board or canoe? We have sparkling new Delta & Current Design Kayaks, Bluewave Boards & H20 Canoes – and the best thing you can give the best person in your life is the gift that keeps on giving. We’ll send you a pic of the gift for under the tree and you can keep it here for your special paddler til the snow melts. Not in the budget? What about a brand new Salus PFD or a paddle? Or a pump? Throw bag? How about a kick in the rear end? The last one is free by the way and only if you really need it.


Gear Lab Carbon Two-Piece Greenland Paddles

A new shipment of these beauties just arrived from over the seas. They are dandy for a couple of reasons – they are flipping light and gentle on the body and when you want to switch over to your euro blade, they come apart and you can tuck it in your deck rigging without it sticking out like a misguided narwhal. Think of it as the best of both worlds, a fine addition to your quiver and also your spare blade to switch back and forth. The story behind this company is worth a read: https://www.gearlaboutdoors.com/about.php I had no idea of their background – pretty fun to be dealing with dedicated paddlers half a world away.  The Gearlab Greenland paddle is a staff favourite.

Give Your Boat a vacation at our WATERFRONT RESORT

She carried you safely over wind and waves all summer long – now it’s time to give back. You can leave your boat with us for the winter and we’ll treat her to the $40/month deluxe package (inside storage) or the more au naturel deal (out on a rack) for $20/month. Either way, I promise to go out and sing Stan Rogers songs to her when the storms rage. For an extra dark beer – I’ll even recite Robert Service poems when it’s 40 below.

Get Outdoors Parry Sound

Registration for the 2020-2021 season at Georgian Nordic Outdoor Activity Centre is open. Buy your membership before December 5th, save $20.00 on your adult membership or save $35.00 on a family membership. Visit: http://bit.ly/GNOAC2020  Ski, fat bike, or snowshoe ~ get outdoors Parry Sound!

Instant Squall Gift Certificates!

Those chip-eating forest elves are also quite capable of firing off to you an e-gift certificate faster than you can say: “sour cream and caramelized onion!” All you have to do is call the Squall Outdoor Store at 705-746-4936 or [email protected]

Tim’s All-time Happy Picks

There are few things that get my heart going in the outdoor gear world as I’m a cheap guy. But I’ve finally learned that if you go for high quality, they last a long time! Here are a few examples of things that go in the kit every time, and it’s why we sell them here at the Squall!

Splashflash LED LIght – $19.85

I know, there are bzillions of LED lights on the market – but this one takes the cake as a durable, waterproof light you can keep on your pfd. I’ve had mine for over two years and the battery is still going strong – best is it just takes one AAA so easy to replace. It’s bright – shines 360 degrees, and on those dark – ‘stumbling around looking for a campsite’ nights – it’s great to flip on instead of fumbling for a buried headlamp.

Buff Head Gear – $25

Wow, who knew a simple head tube could work so well. I’ve tried others and they don’t last, but these guys work and don’t lose their shape – plus you look cool? Well ok, I never look cool but some people wear them very well. They fit over your head to provide neck and ear protection – even when wet. On sunny days, think of them as a latter day bandana – giving you sun shade on the back of your neck. Oh yeah – and if you need to pull it up for covid protection as a funky mask – why there ya go. Now I found out we have thermo and polar buffs for colder winter weather. Light, protective, warm – in my humble opinion, a must for your coat pocket.

Kokatat Storm Cag. $329 – we just got more in!

I grab for this as I’m heading out the door as insurance. It’s the simplest way of avoiding catastrophic heat loss in a wet shivering paddler and have used it that way many times. Dunno who designed this puppy but they deserve a dark beer. You can throw it over a cold, wet partner while out in the wind, rain and waves – and it fits easily over a bulky pfd to tighten quickly around the cockpit rim. In a canoe, it quickly and completely protects you without having to don awkward rain gear. Hikers love ’em as they’ll fit over a backpack and your body! The best part is it doubles as a perfect waterproof/breathable rain poncho loose enough to avoid cold condensation underneath. When you are in camp with a complete shelter around you, toasty and warm – it’s worth it’s weight in gold. You just can’t get a better piece of practical safety gear for windy and wet weather. (https://kokatat.com/storm-cag-pjusto)

Current Design Sirocco Sea Kayak $2249.

This boat is my poly buddy. If I had to choose one plastic sea kayak in the whole wild and wide world – it would be this one. I have it’s composite brother, the Gulfstream which in my opinion is one of the best boats ever made. For reducing cost and ability to knock it around – the Sirocco is a lively, surfy, stable and all round awesome sea kayak that fits both smaller and bigger paddlers. It’s like an old friend, you can just pick up where you last left off ; she’s reliable and seaworthy. We just got 8 more, along with a Gulfstream, Prana and Sisu – all exceptionally well-designed hulls from CD. (https://datastudio.google.com/u/0/reporting/1_pLbh_SmQxn3e4ryOP_k98E4mguAPO5O)

There are other tings I consider essential and will wax lyrical about them next time. Speaking of wax, now’s the time to get to the basement and wax your skis for the snow. Hah – if you’re like me, it’ll happen last minute!

That’s all she wrote folks. If you don’t like the Hoot filling up your inbox – just hit reply and put “no sour cream chips for me timbo” in the subject line. I’ll tell Miss Vicki and we’ll get you off our list all in one fell crunch 🙂