Hot August Hoot

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Hot August Hoot

The world spins madly these days, and gives more reason to re-connect with wild waters, big skies and ancient rock. They will endure and there is comfort in that…

Loon Lore & Thom

Last time we wrote, we announced the birth of 2 Cole Lake Loons with a stunning pic our friend and ace photographer Thom Morrissey took one early morn of them in the mist. He captured such an amazing moment that we wanted to share it with you again – and let you know that they are doing swimmingly – even took flight lessons last week to our utter delight. So here they are leading mom and dad on an adventure…
I just learned that at night, loons migrate to the open water – sleeping fitfully 15 minutes at a go – to keep away from shoreline predators. As we lay in bed, they serenade us with a chorus of calls – trying to keep tabs on each other and their new flight students. Always wondered why they would spark up when I’m trying to sleep -hah! Want to see more of Thom’s work – here ya go:

Late Summer/Early Autumn Rentals

Book with us online and a fully pulsed person will connect with you to answer questions and offer up favorite campsites (or maybe not depending on whether they had their morning coffee ?) We just got top quality BlueWave Inflatable SUPS to rent and sell, so the possibilities are endless. Camping on a SUP is a whole new ballgame for anyone looking for a funky way to see the islands! And then last week we helped two fellows with tiny Sit-On-Tops load up for a camping adventure to mighty Franklin Isle. They had a blast, and though a sea kayak purist might roll their eyes while they roll their boat – the truth is those little SOT’s are quite fun and if you aren’t in a hurry – they’ll get you there no sweat. For more info check out:

Boat Buying Now

Well ain’t this been a duckarse of a year! We’re still waiting for boats and gear ordered last winter and from the crystal ball crowd, seems next year may be a repeat performance. We now have a few boats to sell and will get some more in Sept and Oct. Check out:
We also have used boats being sold privately – a $400 canoe, a $500 lake kayak and a vintage Bluewater Huron sea kayak for $800. Ask and ye shall receive – [email protected]

Boat Buying For Next Season

Please know most manufacturers have limited what will come in 2022 and are demanding orders now if we have any hope. So we’re taking deposits and want you to know the clock is ticking loudly if you want to put your oar in. It truly is a brave new world, rife with raw material shortages, shipping woes, labour issues and a world-wide shortage of ships and containers. All of this is the backdrop of an “Amazonian – I want it NOW” ethos. In other words, we brought it upon ourselves sports fans. Part of me thinks it’s about time we realize the planet doesn’t revolve around us. Please get in touch if a sparkly new boat is in your dreams. [email protected]

S.S.Waubuno – Legend & Lore

Our friends Jamie Hunter and Eric McIntryre have just written the most comprehensive telling of the Waubuno. She was a 135′ side-wheel steamer and went down at the end of November in 1879 with all souls lost just south of Parry Sound, leaving a mystery in her passing. There is no definitive cause, but the book walks us through what most likely happened out there in the open. The tragic loss paints a picture of life on the Bay back then – how fragile life was when early winter storms hit. You can find it at Parry Sound Books, Bearly Used Books and yup – White Squall!

Is Anyone Really Reading?

Reason I ask is I quoted James Joyce last time and deliberately changed a few words to rile up avid readers. Didn’t get one “hey tim, what the hell are you doing?” which makes me wonder. Maybe I should have mis-quoted Gordon LIghtfoot or Stan Rogers – that oughta get a ‘rise again’ out of someone? Oh well, that’s ok – it’s really just time for a ‘summertime dream’ and nobody is thinking straight these days. All I know is if you could read my mind, what a tale my thoughts could tell.


Thanks for your time folks. Had enough of my dyertribe, hit reply with ‘go away bozo’ in the subject line and i just might:) ttfn – t