Hot Hoot ~ Mid-Summer Sale

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The shortest hoot we’ve ever done…

Mid Summer Squall Sale is HERE!

Yippers, we’re clearing out boats, shining our boots and combing our hair! All new and used in stock boats and board are discounted, along with gear, clothing and footwear. And then there is Tim and Kathy’s tent out by the chicken shed – filled to the brim with deals up to 60% off. If you can get a hen to strut and crow like a rooster, we might give you another 5% but it would have to be a really good show – not something half cracked… It has to be so good it would be one for the albumen – and if you do attempt it, be careful – you don’t want those hens to see the whites of your eyes. Find at least 3 bad and paltry jokes and we’ll put your name in for a dozen eggs – organic, raised in the wilds of carling – without stress. Except when Charly comes running over like a banty – oops, banshee. k bye – tim.

Chickens looking through the cage.