Ice Melts & Spring Sprongs!

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Ice Melts & Spring Sprongs!

SQUALL OPENS THIS Sat. Mar. 31 8 Days a Week!

Our 33rd rip ’round the sun and what a planetary paddle it’s been. Feeling like yesterday when Kathy and I looked at each other at afternoon tea and said, “oh what the heck, let’s open a paddle shop”. I ain’t kidding – there was more thought put into what was for supper that night. On opening day, we had a bunch of donuts and borrowed a 60-cup coffee urn, brewing it to the brim. Four people showed up, two of them were friends from Kingston guessing we might be a bit short on customers. Another came out from town because we had a lifejacket for a door prize!

If nothing else, we’re stubborn and we’re here. New boats still drift in off the road saying “hey, we heard this isn’t yer basic poofy-pretend paddling place – you guys actually paddle, sign us up!” We show them a rack to sleep, and they sit out the late winter days, waiting for someone to catch their eye and get ’em wet. That’s where you come in. Soon as the ice melts, we invite you to come to world headquarters on Cole Lake and test drive a pretty darn big selection of paddle craft. Can’t wait? Ok ok, we’ll load up the truck and take you to the nearest open water, a 15-minute drive. No charge – just trying to help you choose well. If you don’t? We’ll take ‘er back with full refund for a month after – our ‘no-guff return’. And we promise the best price in Ontario for a month after too. The 4 Squall P’s – Possibly a Painless Paddling Purchase. Reminds me of the 6P’s we learned in teacher’s college: Proper Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance. On that note, please have a look at our lineup before you come to see whatchathink. (

Paddling Film Fest & Global Medic & $6000!

A big Cole Lake thanks to all of you who pitched in. We raised over $6000 for Global Medic a short while ago in a fun, popcorn & beer-filled saturday night down at the Stockey Centre on Georgian Bay. Who says life is slow here?

Trips & Courses ~ for June..

Current openings, hope you can join us, see our website for July & August paddling.

Tim & Charly’s Mis-Adventure Film Company

Things are sorta slow here in the winter I’ll have to say – so Charly and I have a bit too much time on our hands. Our first and possibly last effort to break in to the big leagues, so don’t hold your breath, just stand back and be amazed ~ Tim & Charly’s epic.

Hoping to Find Outdoor Work THIS SUMMER?

A Wilderness First Aid course helps big time. Not your average standard first aid course kids – this teaches you to jump in and help when help isn’t around the corner. Taught by internationally recognized Wilderness Medical Associates – call us now! We have openings May 12/13. Visit our website to book or call 705-342-5324 (a great course for all ages venturing outside)

Franklin Challenge – Sunday June 24

A furiously fun summer Sunday paddling challenge. Our second annual circumnavigation of Franklin Island, the jewel of the Georgian Bay Coast. Get your paddling buddies together and join us. Not a race, nor a walk in the park. Canoes, SUPS and kayaks all welcome and all proceeds going to helping clean up Franklin and surrounding islands. The whole shootin’ match is 20k and we have a shorter 8k route if you’ve been partying the night before. For more info check out:

Tim’s Dirty Laundry Tip

Ever been in the great outdoors and wondered why your fleece feels thinner than you do? Apparently, it’s because us granola-eating, tree-huggers have been wearing stuff for years that has micro-plastic fibres falling off faster than your hair. And it’s all getting into the streams and oceans. It ain’t funny – but there are solutions. New fabrics will come eventually – and the old ones work fine like wool and cotton. Sorry to be a debbie downer but hey – you could use down! A Canadian, Blaire Jollimore has made a filter taking plastic fibres out of your wash This is all new to me, so I just wanted to pass it on. There is a good article on it in the April Walrus magazine. Haven’t read Walrus? – it’s pretty fine Canadian reading (