Mid-September Hoot

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Mid – September Hoot

The hint of autumn is on the wind.  Mushrooms magically sprout on the lawn and we sparked up the woodstove for the first time last night.  Yet other days dawn sunny and the waters are summer-warm. It’s the absolute best time to be wandering the islands and we hope you can steal time to make that happen.

End of Season Boat Sale

She’s roaring away folks, so have a gander:  https://www.whitesquall.com/boats/

The Squall is open 7 days a week til end of Oct. 14 – by app’t.  after that.

More Delta Kayaks are Coming!

We have a few left, and more are coming from out west and should be here before the end of Sept!  A great Canadian success story – light, strong and fairly-priced. And no tariff to trouble your pocketbook!

September Paddling Without a Phone!

This fall is full for us out on the Bay as we have Fleming College Outdoor Adventure students, Rosseau College Gr. 11’s, Grade 8 Camp and Parry Sound High School Out-trip all happening in these halcyon end days of summer.  It’s flipping awesome to see the sparkle in young eyes as they discover the largest freshwater archipelago in the world. Time away from a smart phone is important anytime but being physically active in the fresh air makes all of us feel better.

Tim’s Tip

Don’t Piss Off Bears!  A lot of myths surround how you deal with them at your campsite.  The thought seems to be you should make a lot of noise and scream and shout.  Best thing is not to do that. TALK firmly and explain to him or her you are going to now walk away.  Don’t think of coming back unless they leave. If they don’t seem to want to go, best not to run back and say “hey,mate just wanted to grab my smart phone , do you mind?”  Leave and stay away. Think of a burning building – same thing only in this case the fire is in the belly of the bear and you’re in his house.

Thanks for listening – if you want to get off the squall campsite, just hit reply and put “back off tim” and we’ll not bother you or eat your gorp ever again.  Byeeeeee, tim