November Squall Hoot

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Hi Everyone

Quick update – thanks for listening, hang onto your shorts and away we go!

 Outer Island Poopy Project

The thunderbox season is in the hole for another year:) We happily dug a lot this summer – and I say ‘happily’ as any day on the Bay is a fine one. Things are moving – as new partners pitched in to install one on the Westerns, another in the North Channel, and a whole bunch around Shawanaga Isle. This is what I dream about when TV sucks – glory days when folks roll up their sleeves for a real movement in the right direction:) Happy to tell you the Franklin Challenge this past June brought in close to $13,000! Thanks to everyone who dipped their paddles in the Bay with us that fine June morning. These dollars go to the Georgian Bay Biosphere Outer Island fund in support of efforts to keep island campsites clear and clean . Full details will be in the season wrap up report. I’ll include a link with the next hoot.

Over-Wintering on Cole Lake

The autumn winds blow chilly and cold – ok, without googling, who sang that? We throw another log on the fire and put the kettle on. Though a slower time, there’s still lots happening at our town shop ([email protected]) with new boats and gear wandering in throughout. We’ve tucked our boats into bed, but they’ll happily wake up if you want to come and ‘talk about things to come’ (who sang that now) – or take one home. Leave us a message at 705-203-2955 or a note [email protected]

Tim’s Gift Ideas

Barrel Organizer DooDads Seems simple enough, but took a very clever person to come up with these. Sort your camp barrel food like nobody’s business, then instead of furiously rummaging for utensils, hang ’em in pouches on the side – waiting for the dinner gong. ta da! Can’t imagine anyone not liking this, as they make camp life flipping wonderful and place to put your flipper (unless you’re a seal, in which case you likely would know where your flipper was)

Splash Flash

Some bright light has made the best PFD light this side of MacTier) Mostly because it’s not junk! Mine has shone bright and shiny for eons, hanging patiently on the old lifejacket zipper, waiting to light up a stormy night.


Gear Lab Paddles, Deckpods & More

We have a fine, long distance relationship with this amazing company nestled on the island of Taiwan. Ok, leave the smarty pants phone alone – what was Taiwan’s name before Taiwan? Starts with an F.

If you are searching for a dandy gift for the paddler in your life, have a look: ( We stock most of their gear including the Kalleq Greenland paddles. (Ipik paddles will not be available until spring). Everything they make is top drawer and bombproof. As a special sale, we’re offering a free deckpod with the purchase of any of their paddles. And best thing – our pricing is the same as getting it from across the briny blue. Almost forgot – we have too many Gear Wraps) they’re now on sale for $144.95!

There is so much more in our little store sports fans. Please call if curious, and we’ll help you out: Town Shop at 705-746-4936 or [email protected]

And just so’s ya know, we have:

  • sleeping bags/tents on sale
  • a stellar selection of outdoor clothing, boots and mitts
  • we still sell maps – yes, those things we used with heads held high breathing in fresh air, instead of staring down our smelly armpits at a satellite-driven stupid – oops, ‘smart’ phone.
  • And finally – Canadian-built snowshoes and Finnish made kicksleds for sale or rent.

Flummoxed about what to get someone this Christmas? Pas de perspiration, try our never-ending Gift Certs e-mailed to you faster than I can find a Tim Horton’s.

Exciting Squalls on the Horizon (details coming in next hoot)

Wilderness First Aid courses – Wilderness Medical Associates – likely April

Paddling Film Fest with Incredible Gear & Stuff auction – likely Mar/April

Franklin Challenge – we rise again on the high seas and hope you’ll join us – likely June

We truly appreciate you supporting our local business, truckin’ along for 37 years on the planet. We don’t drone deliver, nor drone on – just promise to get you on your outdoor way with a smile and thanks.

May the bluebird of happiness keep flying straight up your nose



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