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September Days
Big winds, lonesome sound of crickets, warm waters, the return of school and lost summer love. At once melancholy yet full of hope for paddling adventures still to come. September – a time of less folks, cool evenings, warm waters and stunning sunsets. Years ago, a singer-songwriter from Manitoulin Isle, Kevin Closs, visited the Squall for one of our weekend concerts. His lyrics and musical talents seared deep into my soul – and one of his songs was captivating – an anthem to the end of summer. Pour yourself a drink, sit back and listen ( – I’ve given you the lyrics so you can better lose yourself for 5 minutes and let the world drift by…
The Camp Song Kevin Closs, 1996(he says with apologies to Stan Rogers- any idea why?)

The Coleman’s burning low

So it barely casts a glow

The moon is going down

Throwing shadows on the ground

The fire has died away

And there’s nothing left to say

But before you go to sleep

There’s a promise left to keep


Another summer’s gone

Another dusk, Another dawn

So soon we pass away

Like fallen leaves upon the bay

This summer passed so slow

At least as northern summers go

The sky was high and fine

And the night was sweet as wine

The place still needs a roof

But there was so much else to do

Like lying in the shade

Of this camp my father made

You said it was a sin

When they brought the hydro in

But now there’s no light but the moon

And it’s quiet as a tomb


The days are getting cool

And soon the kids are back in school

The night is nearly done

And I’ve put some coffee on

So pour yourself a cup

And we’ll watch the sun come up

And dream about the day

When we come back here to stay…

Let us know if this brings back memories – I hope Kevin sees this (tried to reach him but no luck) so I can pass it all on to him. For sharing, we’ll put your name in a draw ([email protected]) for a pair of winter socks – got 3 sets to give away so there ya go…

Fall Rentals

Sea kayaks, Sups & Canoes are all just hankering for someone to take them for a spin:

Renting from us gets you well-maintained boats and gear with our ever cheerful, unsolicited advice born from all the things we’ve done wrong over the years. Worth the price of admission right there! We will keep the fun times going til the water gets too cold – likely late October.

Boat & Gear Sale

We now have used boats & paddling gear for sale at 53 Carling Bay Road East, Nobel – the old Paddling Centre. In case you didn’t know – we’re here 6 days a week by appointment ( or give us a ring at: 705-203-2955. You can also fire an email to: [email protected]

Hope Springs Eternal

We are taking 2023 orders as I type this for canoes, kayaks and sups. Supply chains are cold and tighter than a well digger’s arse, so just like the dark days these past two years – if you are longing for a new boat next spring – best to pitter patter and get at ‘er. At the moment, we can likely add a few boats on – but dunno for how long.

Dyer’s Drysuit Dilemma

Yes I ordered too many as many of you well know. Yes we’ve sold plenty. But we still have 4 brand new rascals left just waiting for their day in the sun. And there ain’t nuthin better than heading out for a late fall paddle knowing you’ll be toasty warm. I’ve got them on a huge discount to clear the deck – so here you go…

Immersion Research Arch Rival Front Zip:

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Kokatat Super Nova Semi Drysuit 

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Kokatat Storm Cag

Just about the best piece of gear I’ve ever owned – better than a kelly kettle or leatherman or gorilla tape! A bit pricey, but has saved my neck many-a-time when the winds and waves roar. Designed as a waterproof breathable super poncho that goes right over a wet and cold paddler without needing to remove the pfd – it takes seconds and you can fasten it around their cockpit so easily. Result – the heat loss evaporates (sorry, that’s a bad joke) and your buddy will live on to paddle many a mile. Our staff and friends have one, and it goes on all kinds of trips – for safety, and as a dual purpose awesome piece of rain gear that keeps you warm and dry. Quite hard to find, but we have 10 in stock right now – $345. Makes about the best christmas present for your favourite paddler.

Boat Repairs

If you have a boat that needs a good tuneup or repair – we can either do a rough but solid job in-house, or we’ll truck it over to Johnny’s Boat Shop in Huntsville ( where he weaves repair magic. John charges reasonable rates with top notch work. We’ll take your boat over for a $75 fee (includes drop off & pickup) and you can talk with Johnny what work you want done. Give us a shout if you want tips and tricks for storing your boat yourself – every situation is different and we’ve made all the mistakes just so you don’t have to! 705-203-2955 or [email protected]

Phew – thanks for hanging in paddle fans. We carry on ’cause it’s fun and it’s you guys out there that make it so. Big hearty cheers for supporting us all these years (37 and counting!) and for your big smiles coming through the door. Had enough and would like to sign off? No sweat, just hit reply and put ‘enuff’ in the subject line and we’ll wander down some other road – not yours!

Til next time – may your paddle pull water – stay in tight-…and upright! tim

ps – don’t forget the sock draw…:)