Spring Forward Hoot

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Mother’s Day Weekend Paddle on the Lake

All mom’s sauntering through our door at both shops this weekend get a free water bottle – but you do have to saunter!   And we have some wild and dandy last-minute gifts for the woman who brought you into this crazy world.  Hey, you could bring mom out to our paddling centre on Cole Lake for a quiet paddle and tell her how much you love her…

Camp, Fire & Boneheads

Just came back from a whirlwind sweep of the Mink, MCcoy and Snake Islands to say hello after a long winter sleep. As I stepped ashore their ancient bones quietly whispered to me “oh it’s you people again…” But they are happy isles and always put on a good show. Brilliant sky, hues of blue, a light chop on the water, wheeling gulls and a soft wind in the pines. Walking into the woods, I’m immediately struck by how dry the thin soil is underfoot. Yet everywhere i gaze are random rock fire-pits from last season – testament to our incessant need for that ring of warmth. To every thing there is a season – and as lovely as a sparking flame is on a cold evening, it’s just not ok out here in the summer. There simply is little deadwood, and a wandering spark would take an entire island out in a heartbeat. I love the warmth and camaraderie of campfires – but it ain’t worth it. Let’s Save the Trees, See the Stars..and not be a bonehead.

PHD’s & Elbow Grease

Squall Staff, with the help of community sponsors – head out to the islands about once a week in the summer to check campsites and install thunderboxes. Been doing this a very long time as the Outer Island Project and it seems to work. When someone camps on a clean and clear site it nudges them to leave it that way, As Red Green said – “we’re all in this together”, so let’s work to leave it a better place. If the t-box is overflowing – dig another hole and fill the old one in with rocks and soil. You don’t need a PHD (Poop Hole Digger) sports fans. My Welsh mom would say, ‘Just get in there with some elbow grease !” Still not sure what to do? We now have a treatise on this hole thing, so just go to: https://www.whitesquall.com/outer-islands-project/


The Franklin Challenge is Coming and We Need YOU – Sunday June 23

The only paddling event in the world to circumnavigate Franklin Island – how can you stay away? Open to everyone with a heart and soul ready to spend a few hours with kindred spirits, paddling the shores of one of the finest freshwater islands on the planet. Not a walk in the park, she’s a fine day and if you can’t take on the 18km route – we have a shorter one for ya. All in support of the Georgian Bay Biosphere’s Island Stewardship Fund, helping keep our island and coastal home happy. See: https://www.whitesquall.com/franklin-challenge/


Teens & Wild Outdoor Leadership – Sweetwater Expedition Aug. 5-12

Young folks need wild spaces and a chance to grow and there’s plenty of both on this epic sea kayak journey from Killarney to Parry Sound. Guided by two of our best leader trainers and instructors – Hannah Goodings and Izzy Campbell – all they really need from you is some strength, happiness and energy to be out in the islands for 8 days and learn from the best. Know someone who truly deserves to be out there and simply can’t afford it? – tell us please.



New & Used Canoes, Kayaks and SUPS

Boats just keep showing up at our doorstep overnight. In the morning we go out and our racks are fuller than ever, the water is beckoning but we just can’t get to talk to them all. So c’mon out any day for free test paddling on mighty Cole Lake. Here is today’s attendance list of our boat orphanage here.

Level 1 Sea Kayak Instructor July 9-12

You are a solid sea kayaker hoping to teach others – join us in this national certification. Claire Henry is an accomplished instructor trainer with years of teaching and guiding experience. Your days will be filled with teaching tricks and tips that are challenging, fun and rewarding. Give us a shout for more details: 705-342-5324 [email protected]



Tim’s Tip

The world of sea kayaking is filled with chitter-chatter about whether a rudder or skeg is better. From the very cheap seats in Carling Township – the fit of the boat is where you need to work your brain and body first. So in choosing a new boat, get that right before you fret about the skeg thing. That means trying the boat out in water, ideally with some wind/waves and even a load – cause that’s why god made her. The acid test is to be in the boat for more than a few minutes – to see if the seat fits. You want to be able to brace firmly when needed, which means strong contact with the foot pedals, back-band and the thigh/knee braces. Once you’ve settled on a stable, comfortable hull for your shape and weight – then focus on whether it has a rudder or skeg. It’s not unlike choosing between the apple or peach pie at your favourite diner. Likely nobody else in the diner will care, and it’s the same on the water. And if they do turn their nose up, they need a life.

Had enough? Just hit reply and put “take me off please timbo” in the subject line and we’ll cheerfully do the deed.

Hey, you read to the end of the newsletter – way to go tokyo. Without googling, tell us how we got our name “white squall” (and no, I’m not Jeff Bridges third cousin removed) and we shall put you into our almost famous sock draw. Literally dozens of toes are now warmer thanks to the magic of drawing names out of a hat – or sock…