Spring Holler and Hoot

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Spring Hoot & Holler

As the winter sun fades, Spring is roaring in like flipping on the bathroom heat after a cold ski.  Never used that metaphor before, likely never will again (i know, that’s a good thing) but it gets me dreaming of bluebird skies and a beckoning lake.

Somehow, stuff is arriving almost daily.  There are still bottlenecks and shortages, but we’re tickled to say we’ve got a pretty pulchritudinous selection of paddles, pfds, paddle floats and other things starting with the letter p, along with all kinds of other paddling accessories and outdoor clothing to go along with canoes, kayaks and boards.  Best to give us a call or send an e-mail.  705-746-4936, [email protected]
It’s Drysuit Season!
And we got ’em. Some of the best on the market from Immersion Research and Kokatat, flying outa here like barn mice chased by a very hungry cat. Give us a shout and we’ll do our best as sizing is limited. Here’s what we got right now and more are coming:
Immersion Research Arch Rival Drysuit   $1295
Immersion Research Devil’s Club  Drysuit $1395
Immersion Research Paddling Jackets $199
Kokatat Icon Drysuit $1665
Kokatat Super Nova Paddling Suit $899
Kokatat Storm Cags $345  – number one piece of paddling gear, even more important than tea or beer.  don’t leave home without it (remember where that came from?)
Paddle Canada Level 1 Sea Kayak Instructor May 12-15
Time to be off yer winter duff and become god’s gift to sea kayaking!  We’ll show you how in this full-on four day instructor course, one we’ve been teaching for way over 20 years!  Get in touch and we can fill you in on the pre-requisites.  It’s my favourite cause it’s heaps of fun but not so advanced that you have to hold a knife in your teeth with a grimace on your face!   You can register at: https://www.whitesquall.com/paddle-canada-skill-instructor-development-courses/
Franklin Challenge June 26
‘Ah for just one time, I would take the Franklin Challenge!’  With a song in your heart, your loins will be all girded to join a hundred others in a joyful, jolly jaunt around the prettiest island this side of the CN Tower.  Canoe, Kayak or SUP – don’t matter as she’s not a race sportsfans, nor a walk in the park.  For lollygaggers we do have a beauty short route so you can get back sooner:)   We gather early morn at Snug Harbour and in no time you can be sitting back at Gilly’s with craft beer and fish & chips.  All in support of the Outer Island Fund of the Georgian Bay Biosphere. Oh boy – can’t wait.  Registration will open in a few weeks – but for now, start thinking of gathering your paddle clan for a fine day on the Bay.
Learn to Paddle Like a True Canadian!
We’re all just waiting for the excuse to get out on our lake so give us a shout.  Never-ever paddlers up to intermediate/advanced in canoes, kayaks or SUPs.  Get in touch and we’ll let ya know what’s possible and when.  Messin’ around in boats is what we do.  I remember a mom telling one of our young staff long ago:  ‘you can’t paddle your way through life’.  I had a befuddled look on my face and scratched my hairless head as she walked away – guess I didn’t get the memo.
Our New Recruit
We’re excited that Corine Green has climbed aboard the good ship Squallipop. She bought a Delta kayak from us donkey years ago, and liked it so much – she’s hanging about them all day long now.  You’ll see her both in town and out at Cole Lake.  Speaking of Cole Lake – we ask you not just show up – please make an appointment with this link – book now. 
Now the town shop is different – it’s like a normal store with regular hours 6 days a week 705-746-4936 [email protected]
Best for the Last
Peter Wassermann is back!   A guy’s guy who can teach paddling like nobody’s business, chainsaw down a big dead tree and then identify some obscure songbird, all in a day’s work. Whenever we’re stuck, the first line is:  ‘go get Pete’  Welcome back mister!
Had enough and want to get back to real life?  We can go away, truly. Just reply and hit ‘go away’ in the subject line and we’ll be off like a pair of knickers.
Thanks for letting us share time with you and we hope to see you this season…tim and the White Squall gang.