Spring in your step Hoot

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Hello Paddlers
There’s a spring in my step as the waters open, the sun shines and the wind she blows.  Speaking of that – I think fast-changing winds in both strength and direction will be the story of this summer.  No immediate science to back me up, just a feeling in my tummy.  But that’s ok – Georgian Bay has always demanded attention.  On simmering hot days with a sparkling horizon, it’s easy to get complacent.  As Stan Rogers wrote so long ago:
“But I told that kid a hundred times “Don’t take the Lakes for granted
They go from calm to a hundred knots so fast they seem enchanted.”
Last Chance
This Thursday, May 12 –  a Level 1 Kayak Instructor Course starts up on mighty Cole Lake – with a couple of spots available.  If you’ve been pondering  this, please get in touch right away:  [email protected]   and we can sort out with you if it’s a good fit.
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Squall Rentals
Boats are quivering in excitement, ready to be part of your adventure.  Details galore at:  https://www.whitesquall.com/boat-equipment-a-shuttle-rates/
Canoes, Kayaks & SUPs showed up through the snowdrifts this long winter and are now good to go, so have a look if you are ready to change your life and spend the rest of it paddling about in wild abandon:)   https://www.whitesquall.com/kayak-canoe-sup/
Paddle Play with a Coach
We would love for you to be paddling stronger and longer.  Being in Canada doesn’t give any of us an honorary paddle degree  – nope.  There are tricks and tips we can share. For a private lesson with you and your friends, just let us know at:  [email protected]
Heart of the Hoot – 19 James
The Squall Town Shop is bursting with outdoor clothing along with gear & paddle accessories meant to get you outside.  And if you’re like me – staring at screens is no fun, so we can show you old-fashioned maps & charts that work 24/7 and best part, ya don’t have to plug them in – unfold and bob’s yer uncle!  https://www.whitesquall.com/clothing-gear-outfitting/
Drysuits R Us
We have some top quality suits from Immersion Research and Kokatat – more detail?  [email protected]
Take a break for the Bay – join us Sunday June 26 in Snug Harbour for a happy paddle around Franklin Island – the prettiest geography on the Bay.  Not a walk in the park but darn doable in a few hours – especially cause we’ll feed you home-made cookies and cheers along the way.  She’s a fundraiser in support of the Georgian Bay Biosphere’s Outer Island Fund – dedicated to campsite cleanup, island stewardship and terrific thunderboxes.
Big cheers to our on-going and major sponsor:  Rockwater Wealth Management along with terrific support from Trestle BrewingJessica Vergeer StudioPeter Istvan Photography, and Salus Marine Wear.  And we couldn’t do it without the blessing of Carling TownshipCarling FireIrma Hamill and the wonderful folks at Gillys who will welcome sleepy paddlers with early hot coffee at the registration send off – and then you can wander back for beer & gourmet fish when your day is done.  Our local Parry Sound & Area Chamber of Commerce is also pitching in to help spread the word.  Registration limited so don’t Dill your Dally:  https://www.whitesquall.com/events/franklin-challenge/
Thanks for listening everyone.  If I’ve wasted your time, me sorry.  Just hit reply and put ‘time out tim’ in the subject line and I’ll be off your screen real fast:)  May the winds be at your back…  tim