Squaller Holler from the North Country

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Hi Everyone!

Quick Squaller Holler from the north country. Well, ok – we’re for sure not north, but in our Walter Mitty mind we are and that’s all that matters!
Franklin Challenge, Fish Lunch & Beer!

Thanks to all of you we’ve got a full house for the June 23 Sunday morning ramble around Franklin. One request – if there is any chance you ain’t coming, please don’t leave it til the last minute or just not show up:( Eager paddlers are on the wait list, and it would be as frustrating as blackflies on a backside in a backhouse to find out we could have invited more paddlers! Thanks a lot. 
Paddle Canada Instructor Maintenance Day

Thirteen keen Paddle Canada instructors gathered on Georgian Bay for a day of getting the rust and dust off and coaching each other with teaching tricks and tips. ‘Twas a lucky day of beautiful weather and happy paddlers. Thanks to Greg, David and Tim for hosting and organizing this event
Best Boat Prices in Ontariariario… Don’t Ya Know!

Keeping the Squall ship sailing north means selling boats & stuff – simple as that. It’s what we do and make it as easy as pie to get you on the water!
No Guff Return – bring it back up to 30 days after for a full refund (based on condition)
Free Test Paddling – on our quiet lake to your heart’s content.
Best Boat Price In Ontario – we will cheerfully price-match any of our in stock boats
10% Off Second Boat – equal or lesser value purchased the same day
15% Off Most Accessories – purchased on the same day as your boat.
We Deliver! – a small charge applies
Renting Rocks & Rolls

 We have darn spiffy canoes, kayaks & boards – hummin’ away and tight as a sewing machine. When you show up, they’re ready to rock and roll with you, along with helpful tricks and tips from the AI staff (Absolutely Incredible!). https://www.whitesquall.com/boat-equipment-a-shuttle-rates/
Learn to Paddle

Yup, you can do that and we can help! Give us a heads up and we’ll do our best to set something up for you on mighty Cole Lake – otherwise known as a large pond and quite perfect for paddling lessons:). [email protected]

Quick quiz – who penned Ontariariario in a song of the past, when we were all able to listen to tunes with several verses. Now we’re lucky to hear a few mumbled words! Anyway, let me know without googling and your name goes in the hat for a pair of socks. Give us the whole first verse and you’re in like jack the bear twice! Proudly holding the Carling Township record for sock giveaways, we remain your holey fixer-upper.
Thanks for listening, and may blackflies find you tucked in bed, cause they are not supposed to bite indoors…?!? timHad enough? Hit reply with ‘fly away tim’ and we’ll take you off da list.