Squaller Hoot & Holler on the Eve of Summer…

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Learn to Paddle Mighty Fine

Come visit and we’ll get you out on the quiet waters of Cole Lake. We have Saturday lessons, private coaching sessions anytime and Daytrips out in the freshwater island country of Georgian Bay. Give us a call at: 705-342-5324 or fire an e-mail to: [email protected]. You can have a look at what we do at: whitesquall.com

Sweetwater Youth Expedition Aug. 5-12

A trip of a lifetime for teens looking for wild adventure. You’ll explore the coast from Killarney down to Parry Sound under the care of senior instructor/guides Claire Henry and Hannah Goodings. (https://www.whitesquall.com/trip/teen-sweetwater-expedition/ ) There is also an anonymous benefactor who will sponsor someone deserving who can’t otherwise afford it. If you know of a worthy young’un – please let us know licketly split.

Solstice Celebration – June 21

C’mon down to the Stockey Centre in Parry Sound for a full evening of music and paddling – all part of Whispering River Music. Find out more @ https://www.whisperingrivermusic.com/

Challenge Your Inner Franklin – June 23

Yup, you too can be an explorer – along with lots of other paddlers gathering on an early Sunday morn to paddle around Franklin Island – all in support of the Georgian Bay Biosphere’s Outer Island Fund. The fund helps community members to clean up wilderness campsites. Join in the fun – more info:   https://www.whitesquall.com/franklin-challenge/

Free Rental With Every Campsite Cleanup

You heard right folks. Talk to us about where to go to clean up and we will happily give you a free boat for the day. When you return, tell us what you did and where you went so we can keep tabs on what needs doing. We have a quick read of tips and tricks about this stuff, just to make your life easier.

Boat Bonanza

We’ve got boatloads of boats, more boats than you could shake a paddle at. So c’mon out and try some at our lakefront store. We offer a ‘best price in ontario’ guarantee, plus you can return it for a month after purchase. What’s the catch?   There isn’t one other than we want you to be happy with your new buddy.

Tim’s Tip

Loose Hips Saves Ships. The more you can let your body roll with your boat, the more it will want to stay upright. It’s when we get uptight that things go wrong. This works for canoes, kayaks and SUPS – the looser you are, the easier your craft can do what it was built to do – float right side up. So breathe deep – engage your inner whatever and let those hips wiggle and waggle.

Don’t really want to waggle or wiggle anymore? That’s ok I know how you feel, just hit reply and put “go away tim” and we’ll cheerily take your name off.

Thanks for listening and may the bluebird of happiness wiggle its way up your… nose!  tim