Summertime Dreaming Hoot

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Time for a Summertime Dream…

Just came back from 4 glorious days in the outer islands. Crystal clear swimming, stunning sunsets and a songbird chorus that never stopped. We heard white-throat sparrows changing up their call as if to say ‘she’s a new day, time for a new song”. The bay was pristine and wonderfully quiet. I guess, despite all we hear and imagine, it still takes determination and intention to get out and be part of this magnificent coast. And holy cow, she’s a short summer me thinks. So, our Squall job is to help you in turning your paddling hopes into summertime paddling dreams that might come true!

Cole Lake Birth

Kathy and Tim are pleased to announce the birth of twins ( well maybe not?) on the shores of Cole Lake. They are already gaining weight, frolicking and being schooled in the fine art of swimming and fishing. Mom and Dad have decided to take them south this winter for a prolonged vacation…  (Photo Credits to Thom Morrissey photography:

Thunderin’ Thunderboxes

The Squall Outer Island Project has been heading out to the westward reaches of wave-washed rock and pine for donkey years – putting in t-boxes and cleaning campsites. It’s something you might not spend time thinking about til going pee-pee or poo-poo is about all that occupies your life. Then, these wilderness thrones are an welcome oasis in a sea of bush and bugs. I can remember as a high school kid on a 10 day canoe trip in Temagami where we camped one night in the middle of an old logging camp. The only bldg standing was a 4 seater outhouse slowly giving in to gravity and spiders. I decided to check it out for my morning constitutional. To my ever-lasting joy – the departing loggers had left a dog-eared 1954 Reader’s Digest, just waiting for me to come along. I was quite ‘moved’ to say the least, and to this day have a soft spot in my heart for a good magazine strategically placed. Don’t expect that service out on the islands, but we do promise you won’t get more than maybe 2 or 3 slivers up yer arse:) and the benefit is priceless. Here is our skilled installation team – selecting the most scenic knotty pine site for your business. Appreciate the finer things in life? Here’s more info:

Tim and Jan on OIP White Squall

Rental Intel

Yes – the Squall still has rentals and what’s incredible to me is they are now “ON LINE”. Never thought I’d see the day – but she works pretty darn good. So, if you are planning a paddle, have a gander: For a small extra charge we’ll even go on the trip for you and you can just stay at home and drink beer.

Boats Boats Boats – Where Have You Gone?

It’s been an oddball year for gear and boats – seems the entire continent is short on stuff, regardless of where it’s built. But – bits and pieces are trickling in so please have a look at:

Big Canoe Project

You may have noticed a really big canoe (the Blackfly 11) living at the Squall for many years. She was a dandy addition to the fleet, and we had a lot of good times – but life moves on. Now she lives down south in Collingwood and has found her new people and a new life. Check it out: Fair winds Blackfly and may your paddles always draw water…

Time to End This Short Summer Note with James Joyce…

She was alone

She was unheeded, happy and near to the wild heart of life

She was alone and young and wilful and wild hearted

Alone amidst a waste of wild air and brackish waters

And the sea harvest of shells and tangle and veiled grey sunlight

(taken from a book ‘On the Loose’ by Terry and Renny Russell. It literally changed my life and that of countless others back in the late 60’s as a siren call to get ‘on the loose’ Throw the screen away folks…there’s a world of wonder out there.

Thanks for letting us steal a few minutes of your hot summer day. If you’ve had enough just hit reply and type “no more hot air timmy”… tim