Thanksgiving Eve

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Hi ho, hi ho.  The path around the sun brings reflection both on the water and in our hearts.  Reflections are a dazzling union of declining rays and still waters.  Kathy and I were lucky to paddle in Quetico with our family recently and here is what danced in front of us as we paddled along…
I find myself slowing down in these halcyon days of autumn to sing (when I hope nobody’s listening) this anthem of thanksgiving written by Bob Franke.  Garnet Rogers version never grows old:


The Asia

Mid September 140 years ago, a Bay storm tragically took down the steamer Asia.  Sadly a not uncommon thing.  Our friend Sandy Richardson sent along this link of her story that leads to a somewhat different ending:

Storing Your Dream for Another Day

Paddling days come to an end each autumn for most of us – leading to a question of what’s best for storage?  Inside is top drawer, and hanging it with ropes or straps is perfect – or on racks.  You might consider leaving hatches on to avoid critters setting up shop.  But if you do, take time to clean/dry  any compartments, and give rubber hatch covers a few coats of 303 to stop the material drying out. 303?  We have it here and you can often find in hardware stores – one caution, it should be replaced with Armour-All for thermoform (Delta) boats.  Gotta store outside?  No problem – your downfall will be trees falling down or some idiot driving their sled overtop.  Give it shelter if you can eg. under a deck, to avoid damage and snowload.  Cold doesn’t hurt as long as you don’t stomp all over it on a Sunday afternoon snowshoe hike.  Again, use slings or racks if you can. I’m not a fan of laying a tarp over a canoe or kayak cause moisture can get trapped in between, discolouring and damaging the hull.  We do have boat covers from DANU, a specialty company we’ve dealt with for years – making breathable covers that work just dandy.

For inflatables of any sort – give them a bath in 303 and store with a bit of air inside if you can, just so they don’t develop permanent wrinkles – sheesh, wish that would work on me!  Cheap hardshell SUPS are about the most fragile of the lot.  Sometimes you just have to look at them the wrong way and they crack up.  I would give up your winter bed and sleep in the garage so they can be comfy and dry.  No?  Ok – then be super cautious about snowload, and tuck them away from overweight snowshoe hares having a moonlit party!


Yup, We’re Open

Monday to Saturday through most of Oct and likely all Thanksgiving weekend including Monday. Best to call (705) 203-2955 or fire an e-mail to: [email protected].   Or set up an appt at:

There’s a good selection of boats and some used gear.  If you show up on Thanksgiving Saturday, please throw your name in our holey hat for a fine pair of unholy socks or some other amazing door prize!


Delta Dawn

Another day rises on Cole Lake with a truck full of Canadian built Delta Kayaks (  showing up at our door.  They’ll need a home at some point when they get tired of us,  so please give us a shout if you have a hankering for a new buddy.

Camping is Truly A Good Thing!

Sure, you need to be careful of cooler waters, higher winds.  But my gosh – there is nothing finer than being out in the islands this time of year.  No friggin’ bugs, hardly any other folks – and a wide open sky of colour.  A kaleidoscope of sensations that will serve you well for those snowy months to come.  We’ll continue to send out rentals til it’s just not a grand idea – but right now, as my mom used to say in a strong welsh accent…  ‘it will do you the world of good!’


Thank you for Your Support & Big Smiles…Tim and Kathy

Last portage in Quetico - Jessica, Jesse, Kathy, Tim & Bravo, their superdog!
Last portage in Quetico – Jessica, Jesse, Kathy, Tim & Bravo, their superdog!