The Bay Beckons Hoot and Blat

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“Summer breeze, makes me feel fineBlowin’ through the jasmine in my mind…”Remembering the old songs brings a warm glow to a sparkling day on the Bay. Head out on the water, worries melt and my mind wanders to music that gets me through, or helps me forget, the nonsense of daily life.

We Fought the Bay and the Bay Won!
The Franklin Challenge was a go right up til 5am on the Sunday morn. Prior to that, most of the AI modelling and fancy forecasting right up til we went to bed Sat night said wind, rain, but no lightning, so we modified the route and thought we were pretty smart. When we woke up at 5am, lightning was sparking up on the screens, so we pulled the plug. Turns out there was no lightning but one heck of a lot of wind and bucketloads of rain. All to say the challenge dwindled into finding a hot coffee, good book and let the Bay do its thing. I’m so sorry for all of you rolled the dice with us. In the end, with all of your help – we raised $13000 for the Outer Island Project
First Franklin Challenge – Another year when the weather was tough to call.
The Outer Island Project – by Taz Dyer
Tim asked me to talk about the project as I got to tag along on 6 trips so far this year, with Pete, Jan, Wayne, Corine, Mark, Bill and anyone else he could find. Near as I can figure, he’s got what you big people call a ‘Relic’ complex, thinking he’s on the Beachcombers, some old CBC show that lingers in those of a certain vintage. An old beat-up boat, a cup of strong coffee and a day ahead with sun, rain, waves, wind and those damn horse and deer flies. Notice there’s no dog flies. Tim has to put a buff around my head just to keep ’em off, and it works! Anyway, near as I can figger, the idea is to go find a bunch of islands, and then they head off into the woods to dig holes – kinda like what I do. Tim says that I inspire them, but I think he’s joshin’. Then they take these boxes and put them over their holes, then high five each other and go back to the boat for more coffee. On the way, they pick up stuff off the ground, rummage around in old firepits – and sometimes throw all the firepit stones away and cover them over with stuff from the woods. I’m telling you, it’s not normal behaviour. But for me it’s pretty great, cause I can run like stink over the rocks, chase ducks and chew on a world of sticks with nobody correcting me. I’m a free dog in a free land – a fine dog’s life I’m thinking…
52 More Deltas from The Wet Coast
These bright shiny kayaks just arrived from a far away part of Canada where Kathy and I used to live and play. We’re pretty happy such fine boats are built right here in our country, and shipped all over the world. And it’s a couple like me and Kath who run that outfit, not some hedge fund trying to squeeze money for money’s sake.  Sandra and Colin Beeskau own Delta and are putting Canada on the Paddling Map.   Deltas are light, strong and well-priced. Sort of like my underwear but far more useful. You can have a look here if you’re at all interested: Delta Kayaks
High School Boats Restoration
White Squall offered to restore the High School Out-trip canoes this spring, with new kevlar skid plates and a bright, shiny finish! Mark Fleming, former out-tripper and current Squall Staff, talks to the canoes while they’re still sleeping, waiting for their day on the water.
We Rent, We Sell, We Fix, We Teach
Yup, the Squall keeps sailing northward, though we haven’t budged an inch in 39 years. Folks still find us handy, and some still consider us handsome. We do know a thing or two about canoes, kayaks and SUP’s, so don’t hesitate to ring us up for questions burning in your mind. If we don’t know the answer, we’ll make it up or help you find someone who does. And so we can keep putting supper on the table, please know that if you want a hassle-free boat buying adventure, you can count on:
No Guff Return – bring it back up to 30 days after for a full refund (based on condition)
Free Test Paddling – on our quiet lake to your heart’s content
.Best Boat Price In Ontario – we will cheerfully price-match any of our in stock boats
10% Off Second Boat – equal or lesser value purchased the same day
15% Off Most Accessories – purchased on the same day as your boat.
We Deliver! – a small charge applies
One More Ride
Songs and paddling are kindrid spirits. My sister Cee got us on to Jim Faddis, a bluegrass singer from the American West Coast. His song, One More Ride – is a gentle, Fred Eaglesmith sort of tune – and so worth listening to (in my wee opinion): Let me know whatya think! if you made it this far, maybe you know who sang about ‘jasmine in my mind’ or who talked about being handy if not handsome. Give me either one and we’ll throw your name in the hat for a giveaway for 2 of 10 incredible Squall Stickers. And of course, you can ask us anytime to mail order them and you’ll be the owner of the only stickers like ’em on the planet – here they are in all their glory.  $3 for the square one, $5 for the rectangle ones:
Thanks for riding along with us everyone. If you want off, just hit reply and say ‘don’t want one more ride tim’ and we’ll let you off gently – t