Time of Your Life Hoot

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G’day from the Bay!

We’re fast coming into the very best time in our lives ~ the one where we get to wander sweet water seas, sheltered by spectacular islands with sun-warmed rock inviting us to lie down and dream with the scent of summer pine… then jump into crystal clear waters unlike anywhere else on earth.  I know I’m a goin’ overboard ~ that’s what summer is totally for ~ jumping in with both feet and a grin.



Franklin Challenge

We are full sports fans.  100 hearty souls are ready to take on mighty Franklin!  Still interested?  Do let us know, as we’re keeping a waiting list in case someone has better things to do.  Local community support has been wonderful – here’s just a sampling of those jumping in with both feet to help us raise $ for the Georgian Bay Biosphere Outer Island Fund:

Town Store Ramblings

Our “huge department” store at 19 James Street in town is loaded to the gunnels with paddling gear, outdoor clothing and footwear.  Well ok, we may not be big, but we’re small – but if you’ve ever visited you’ll know we have filled every nook and cranny. Oh yeah, and we have those things called ‘maps’ made out of real paper – you can unfold them and see way more than about 4 square flickering screen inches.  Your worldview will expand to the far horizons – all because of a ‘map’:)  Give ’em a call at 705-746-4936 or [email protected].

Drysuit Deal

I’m hoping to clear out an oversupply of drysuits so we’re selling them at a big discount – there’s still a few left.  Call the Cole Lake shop at 705-203-2965 or [email protected].

Paddle Like Nobody’s Watchin’

We can help and coach you to find your inner paddling soul.  Or at the least, be able to stay in tight and upright.  Let us know if you would like some private teaching with nationally certified instructors on quiet Cole Lake.  It gets us outta the office staring at a screen so please don’t be shy.  [email protected]

Kayak, Canoe & SUP Rentals Rarin’ to Go

Yessireebobdangeorge – we got boats coming out our yin yang and ready to sally forth onto the great big sea.  Let us know:  https://www.whitesquall.com/boat-equipment-a-shuttle-rates/

Boats for Sale

Dat’s what we do…sell boats.  We back it up with our sincere wish you get the right one – so, we’ll take ‘er back for 30 days after purchase for full refund or replacement.  We have a quiet lake lapping at our knickers, so you can try them out til the cows come home. Here’s what’s on site at the moment: https://www.whitesquall.com/kayak-canoe-sup/  but do call us  (705-203-2955)  if you don’t see the one you are looking for.  Sometimes we can wave a magic paddle and poof – your boat appears:)  Not often, but magic ain’t supposed to happen all the time now is it? …


Current Designs Teaser

We were unable to bring in CD boats this season b/c Tim was asleep at the switch.  So I’m finally waking up – and apparently we are going to get told shortly – ‘ok White Squall – tis time to cough up with what ya want’.  So I’m telling you – in case you have a dream of ripping around in a dandy new boat from one of the best.  We will take special orders starting now for next year without a deposit – ’til we find out if we can actually get them or not.  And you all know the routine – snoozing means losing – so don’t lollygag about, or you will lose out.  Nuff said…  Oh no, not enuff – we’re also ordering Delta Kayaks – if you really and truly want one for next year, let ‘er rip now.  We are limited as to how many we can get, so you need to get in there like a dirty shirt.

Parry Sound Forest School

There is a remarkable non-profit initiative that’s been going on for quite a while here in the bush round around Parry Sound.  Called the PS Forest School: https://www.psforestschool.com/  it’s one of the best things to happen in these parts for many a year.  White Squall is happy to help them out with staff orientation and training out on the waters of mighty Cole Lake.  They always need help and donations to keep the ship sailing.  I love their call – ‘more Green Time and less Screen Time’   These are the kids who will shape our world, and what better way to get them ready for what’s to come than letting them run around in the woods with wonder-filled excitement with all our natural world can teach.  When I was young and big people would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up – my stock answer was…’Fresh Air Mechanic’!   Though I’m still not growed up, I’m happy to say that somehow, I did get my FA Mechanic degree from the school of hard rocks and knocks.

Thanks for listening folks.  Need to be rid of this dyertribe?  No prob.  Hit reply and put “Grow Up Dyer for godsakes’ in the subject line.  I likely won’t, but you sure don’t have to be privvy to my attempts and we can ‘off’ you just like jack the bear.  For those who want to carry on – thanks for flying White Squall, we know you have choices out there.  tim