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Total Number of Rental Days        
  1–2 3–5 6–8 9+
Touring Sea Kayaks (includes)        
Double – Composite / Thermoformed $ 72 $ 66 $ 61 $ 57
Double – Polyethylene $ 50 $ 45 $ 42 $ 40
Single – Fiberglass $ 50 $ 45 $ 42 $ 40
Single – Polyethylene $ 36 $ 33 $ 31 $ 29
Light Touring (Lake) Kayaks(includes)        
Single – Fiberglass / Thermoformed $ 36 $ 33 $ 31 $ 29
Single – Polyethylene $ 30 $ 28 $ 26 $ 24
Recreational Kayaks
Single – Polyethylene $ 24 $ 22 $ 21 $ 20
Double – Polyethylene $ 33 $ 31 $ 29 $ 27
Stand-Up Boards        
Composite $ 33 $ 31 $ 29 $ 27
Polyethylene $ 24 $ 22 $ 21 $ 20
Kevlar $ 42 $ 39 $ 37 $ 34
Kevlar- Ultralight $ 47 $ 44 $ 41 $ 38

Special Things to Note:cole_store

  • Rates based on calendar day, regardless of when boats are picked up.
  • We only rent from the Paddling Centre located in Nobel, ON.
  • Pick-ups are between 9:00 am - 4:30 pm daily & up to 7 pm on Fridays (during the busy season).
  • Returns can be made up to 9 pm (but no later please!!)
  • Before / after-hours pick-ups can be arranged.
  • Our lake is landlocked, you must transport rentals using racks and/or padding and strong ropes (or arrange a shuttle). Please plan ahead and prepare your transport plans in advance. You are responsible for your tie down- we are happy to help but it is your load-your responsiblilty.
  • We do provide tie-on straps and foam blocks with rentals. (Sorry, no roof rack rentals.) We sell ropes, racks, and foam blocks.
  • Google Map directions to Snug Harbour (closest launch site)
  • Love your rental boat? We’ll credit up to 3 days rental fees if you rent & then purchase the boat within 7 days of rental!
  • Discounts & offers cannot be combined. Explore our other discounts.
  • No refunds are issued for early returns.
  • No refunds of deposits for cancellations within 21 days of rental.
  • HST is additional. (What else is new, huh?!)

All Sea Kayaks Supplied With:
PFD, paddle, spare paddle, skirt, bilge pump, paddle float, sponge, deck rigging, rudder or skeg, throw bag or towing belt, and world-famous 'Squaller Hauler'!

All Lake & Recreational Kayaks Supplied With:
PFD, paddle, spare paddle, throw bag, bilge pump, air bags, & skirt (where applicable).

All Stand-Up Boards Supplied With:
PFD, paddle, throw bag.

All Canoes Supplied With:
PFDs, paddles, spare paddle, throw bag, bailer (bucket or pump), and yoke.

"I was very impressed with the store staff and with the quality of the equipment – not only the boat, but also the paddles/skirts/etc. All good stuff and in great shape. Renting a boat can sometimes be a bit of a risk, but I’d recommend WS to anyone who’s looking for peace of mind that they’re going to get top notch gear for a trip." Michael C. 

Shuttle Service

  • Rental Kayaks on Trailer - Shuttle service with White SquallMust be arranged well in advance!
  • Call (705-342-5324) or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us for quote on your drop-off and pick-up location.
  • Dependant on staff and vehicle availability (we have two Squall trucks)
  • We can carry passengers (must be arranged in advance).
  • Parking at White Squall is $ 8/ vehicle per day.
  • First 4 boats are a set price- every boat after first 4 is an additional $5 / boat
  • Rates are based on driver time and vehicle distance.
  • Price subject to change.
  • A specific time needs to be arranged ahead of time

Miscellaneous Rental Items
Northwater Tow BeltVHF marine radios for rent at White SquallBailer , pumps for rent at White SquallThrow Bags rental at White Squall

Daily rates. Multiply x5 for weekly rates. HST is extra.
PFD adult $5 ____ KayRak (outrigger) $10
PFD child $3   Kayak Cart $5
Skirt $4   Sail Rig $6
Kayak Paddle – reg $4      
Kayak Paddle – graphite $7   Paddling Suit (if avail.) $20
Kayak Paddle – bentshaft $10   Wetsuit – mid-season $10
Kayak Paddle – (spare) $3   Wetsuit – early-season $5
Canoe Paddle – wood $3   Paddling Jacket $5
Pump (bilge) $1   Foam blocks or straps $2
Towing Harness $4   Drybag (waterproof) $2
Tent $12   Backpack (incl. Barrel)
$3   VHF radio $8
      Flare / Signal kit $8

Okay, how do I book?
To reserve a rental please call the Paddling Centre. We will fill out a rental form and get everything booked while on the phone. Please be prepared to give a credit card number, this is to confirm your rental and also acts as a damange deposit. Nothing will be charged on your credit card until the day of the rental. If you have booked a shuttle we will process the payment prior to meeting you at the arranged location. On the day of the rental we will get you to sign the Rental Agreement, please take the time to read it fully. We will have you sign for the value of the boat and equipment. Any fee for damage will be discussed with you before processing. We try to send our stuff out in clean, operational condition. A $10 cleaning fee applies but is avoidable by using some elbow grease, our hose, and a sponge.

To Reserve Boats Please Call Us (705) 342-5324 Thanks!

Rental boats are only at the Paddling Centre on Carling Bay Rd., Nobel!


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