Hot Hoot for a Cold Month

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Paddlin’ Films,Beer,Live Music,and a Wild & Crazy Auction with a Kayak Give-Away!The whole shebang is for the future West Parry Sound Pool & Rec Centre, needing every drop of support if we all want to splash and swim during a cold Parry Sound winter!Saturday March 23 at the Stockey Centre Parry Sound5:30 Happy Hour7:00 Filmsinfo: 2024/
We Truly Need You!
To give us any decent thing you can to put in the silent auction. Could be a guitar lesson? baking? that third air fryer you don’t need? a tent you never use? a gift certificate? maybe that new down jacket that doesn’t fit? Pottery that you have way too much of? Seriously, we’ll take it all and you can drop off at the Squall Town Shop at 19 James St. Online bidding starts March 1 and finishes the night of the Film Fest. Every penny goes to the pool, so what are ya waiting for? Thanks everyone:)
Beyond Band-Aids
We all wander outside somewhere, somehow, sometimes far from our built-up world. Imagine your companion gets injured? There’s no bright shiny ambulance waiting in the bushes. We all want to do the right thing – but a band-aid in the wallet ain’t gonna cut it. Wilderness First Aid training takes you beyond city streets, with skills and systems to respond quickly til you can get to smarter help. We should know this stuff and ’tis not difficult, it’s just taking the time to learn – Wilderness Medical Associates is a global leader and we’re tickled pink to host their most sought-after courses right here on the shores of Georgian Bay at Camp Tapawingo, open to everyone willing to learn. you high-schoolers looking to spruce up your resume and learn a thing or two, here ya go!
Paddle Canada Kayak Instructor Development Day
White Squall Paddling CentreMay 18 8:29am-5pmOpen to all PC SK Instructors & qualifies as Instructor Maintenance Requirement Registration & Info: [email protected]Course Fee: – min. $50 donation to: MSF Doctors Without Borders – the old honour system:)Instructors: David Johnston, Greg Mason, Tim Dyer
Outer Island Project Report
This past summer was a thundering success! We headed out 15 times to the islands, picking up garbage, digging holes and lugging thunderboxes – three of my most favourite things to do on a bluebird summer day:) Anyone wanting to adopt a campsite, let ‘er rip and tell me so we can both tell your grandchildren! You might even qualify for the Nobel Prize:) View the full report here:
Diamond Key Lodge
A rare place to be in the finest paddling waters on the planet, the north-east corner of Georgian Bay. We’ve spent many a happy sunset evening there over the years, and the new owners Chris and Ann wrote to us this winter asking for you not to forget there is still a place on Georgian Bay where you can paddle all day, and arrive back to a comfy shoreline cabin: 
Embarrassing Adventures in the Wild
I asked, you delivered – just gonna print one of yours and one of mine for now, here goes from Rob… I wanted to cook some lobster and fresh haddock in a cookhouse in Fundy Park. After trying to start a fire for an hour, burning every piece of paper I could find, a fellow camper concerned about all the smoke, informed me I was lighting the fire in an electric oven. By this time a crowd had gathered, obviously amused. We moved sites and got up early and I caught some brookies. Went to a different cook house and a fellow camper asked if I had heard about the idiot from Ontario… I played stupid.Tim’s turn…she was a fine summer sea kayak morn in the Bustard Islands, birds were singing, boats were floating – my group patiently waiting. But ‘ol Tim just had to visit the latrine one more time. In those days we had a crappy collapsible frame and toilet seat above a hole, one of my many stupid ideas over the years. So there I am, finishing my thoughts in the morning sun, over a hole, under a watchful pine … Suddenly the whole shootin’ match collapsed and i splat bum-founded on the ground, a direct hit on the business end beneath. I’ll not go further, but the group waited impatiently round the corner, oblivious to my descent into hell, they were never the wiser as I’m pretty good at covering things up… Enough silliness…thanks for listening. timWant off this train? Just hit reply with ‘please delete me let me go…’ and we will! (and if that reminds you of a welsh singer, you’re right!)