White Squall of Georgian Bay

Our Town Shop is brimming full with gear, clothing & lots of different gift ideas for Christmas.  We're open 7 days a week throughout the winter.  Big winter sales, every week leading up to Christmas - White Squall is in the heart of the Hoot at 19 James St.

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Want a unique, adventurous gift?  Check out our 2016 Paddling Season Overview for rockin' programs.

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White Squall 2016 Paddling Season Overview link

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It's always nice to hear what's happening at White Squall, when it's written in such a friendly and casual way.

It's only about 36hrs of flying and driving to get from here in South Golden Beach Australia to there, but next chance I've got, I'll be there, picking up a boat, and using your long drop before getting fresh water wet en route to the minks.

PS. The very first SUP I rode was in your test pond, 4 yrs later I'm still hooked. 
Took my daughters out to surf on it this very morning. 

Horst Thompson

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