Late Summer Dreamtime Hoot

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Late Summer Dreamtime

Not sure why, but other than some well worn camps on Franklin Isle, the outer islands have been pretty lonesome this year. Tim’s not complaining, and now the Ex in Toronto is filling everyone with saturated fats in all colours, things are even quieter! The water is warm, a gentle breeze beckons, and the pine scent on the sun-warmed islands is enough to make you want to be a kid forever. We can help get you there…

Rental Reminder

We have the best selection of sea kayaks, canoes & boards this side of my big toe. A customer mentioned the other day they keep coming back to us because our stuff is clean, well-maintained and ready to rock. That’s because Pete, Jan, Mark and Corine are constantly checking and cleaning to make sure that when you come – you get top gear and boats for your adventure. We offer sound advice, local intel and coaching along with a warm welcome. Sure it’s our living, but we all really do want you to have the best time out there, and will do all we can to make that happen.

Squall Cleaning Crew on Duty 

(Carling Twp version of American Gothic?)

Beauty Boat Sale

Yup, we’ve put all our boats on sale, looking to clear the decks before the winter winds blow. You’re welcome to come and paddle on our little lake – and we just might make you a cup of coffee if you’re feeling a bit bleary-eyed. Speaking of that – what a season for allergies. I have shares in just about every allergy medication on the planet – and still I sneeze. But guess where my woe is woeforgotten? You got it, out on the Bay. Nothing ever goes wrong out there and you sure don’t need a handkerchief, nor a kleenex. All that’s required is to get out there!

San Souci Success Story

A stalwart group of folk from south of here are taking the stewardship of crown lands to the next level. Have a look at what they’ve done to one of our dusty old thunderboxes! They’ll put it up on Pomeroy Isle soon for all to see…get googly eyed at…and perhaps leave a substantial deposit if they’re so inclined, or reclined? We hope more will do the same, right up and down the Bay (maybe not the deposit part…)

Cause though I relish being ‘Relic’ and rousting about the islands in our son’s beat up old motorboat, there’ll come a day when I’ll have to hang the shitter shovel in the shed. Before then, I hope everyone will do their part in cleaning up the islands, dig really big holes – and get away from the idea that the Bay is there for us to simply ‘use’ and then walk away. Funny but not funny story – was out on Franklin Isle cleaning a site, and when I lifted the thunderbox lid – a couple dozen beer cans were staring back at me. So there I am with rubber gloves, picking Busch’s out of the bush and box – wondering what in hell was this duck-arse thinking? They carefully carried them a distance to the box, and thought that maybe a fellow duck-arse would wander by and harvest them. Then I sat back and started laughing, as indeed Tim the idiot was on the job. As my mom would say, ‘you can only laugh…’
Fire Fire Fire

Several past squallions have been caught up in the mayhem out west and up north. It’s awful, simply awful. And the fire speed we’ve all seen on a large scale, is exactly what will happen on a rocky pine-clad Georgian Bay Island when a small fire gets away in the wind. It’s over in a flash, all because someone decided having a summer campfire was necessary. I love campfires, but the coast and islands of Georgian Bay in the heat of summer are not the time. Please, Save the Trees (and everything else) and See the Stars…

Thanks for hanging out for a few minutes. Need a pair of Smartwool or Darn Tough socks? Without any technical assistance, tell us who played ‘Relic’ on the Beachcombers or… if you’re wondering what the hell I’m talking about, just tell us the best campsite on the Bay.


Out on the Bay in Relic’s Jetboat with Charly. We sure miss our best mate.