Private Lessons & Trips

Private Lesson & Coaching Rates (Kayak, Paddleboard or Canoe)

White Squall was founded on the desire to get people paddling in the big outdoors. If our scheduled lesson don’t suit your needs, we’re happy to customize. We offer a range of paddling lessons – you pick the craft & level, you can also add other interesting skills like navigation, trip planning, weather, or more into a fully customized Private Lesson. Give us a call if interested 705-342-5324. Happy Paddling!

ParticipantsPrivate Hourly Rate, Child-16 & under
1-2$55/adult, $30/child
3+$45/adult, $25/child


Kayak ~ The Basics

Whether you are a beginner or need a tune-up, we will guide you through the fundamental stuff you need to get out on the water and paddle safely. Basic strokes and braces along with exits/entry skills and ways to stay safe out on the water are all part of this relaxing intro to the world of sea kayaking.

Kayak Power Package

Discover the strength, fun and efficiency of engaging your core for forward, turning and bracing strokes. It’s surprising how easy it is to get higher performance without being a super athlete. We will focus on what you do well already and help you become a faster, more effective paddler.

Kayak Rescue Package

Self & assisted recovery skills are key to your safety as a paddler. We believe in spending time on the basic essentials so they become second-nature. It means you will learn to react intentionally and effectively when things go wrong. We can also delve into more challenging rescue scenarios. It’s fun, it’s wet and you’ll sleep well that night!

Learn to Roll

Most people can develop a roll with carefully guided practice. The bonus is that the lead-up training we insist upon adds to your rough weather paddling abilities. We focus on boat fit, learning to move the hull with separation of your lower and upper body and understanding that it’s ok to be in less than an upright position. You really need this when the wind and waves build. It turns out that most accomplished paddlers rarely use their roll, simply because they mastered the fundamentals early on.

Stand Up Paddleboard

Introduction to SUP

The best way to learn paddleboarding is to get out there and mess about. But there are definite skills and tricks of the trade that make your efforts far more rewarding. This overview of the sport will get you well-grounded in all the things you need to know to paddle well and quickly.

Stability & Power Session

Weight shifts, core engagement and full body moves – this is the stuff you will discover makes the difference in your paddleboarding. You already know the basics and we take you beyond into a whole new world of skill development so you can handle winds/waves and even a little surf wave on your favourite lake!


Canadian Canoeing

There is a magic to setting off in a canoe. Many of us think we know how – but there is so much beyond the simple matter of putting your paddle in the water. We will coach you on the best ways of tandem and solo strokes. We promise you will come away a better, more confident Canadian!

Private Island Kayak Day Trip

Explore the wonders of Georgian Bay for a day and refresh your spirit! Click here for more info.

Private Multi-day Trips

Whether a weekend getaway or an epic expedition, we can customize a Georgian Bay adventure for you & your group. Can you imagine anything better than being out with a group of friends, not having to worry about planning the food, or picking a route; it’s a pretty sweet life for sure! Private trips provide the ultimate flexibility in terms of location, group size, pace, food. We recommend that folks start these trips with basic paddling and rescue skills, but we can discuss arranging lessons on the first day.

Our price structure is flexible depending on where you want to go, whether we are arranging food, and how many guides we need to provide. Contact us with your idea for a trip, any other needs and dates, and we’ll quickly develop a trip plan and price structure for your consideration.

As with our scheduled trips, we provide well-trained and experienced guides, high quality boats, paddling gear, camp and cook equipment and can also rent you other equipment as needed (subject to availability).