Quick Hoot HOT Summer, Best Time to Paddle!

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Quick Hoot – HOT Summer – Best Time To Paddle!

One Spot Just Came UPPPP – Northeast Coast Ecology July 31 – Aug. 3

Here’s a golden summer opportunity to join us for a traditional White Squall kayak and camp trip with our top guides Jocey Simon, Emily Beirnes and Brian Beitz. Joining them is Gerard Courtin, our friend and leader of Squall ecology trips for over 20 years. A beauty trip with one place waiting for you – call asap 705-342-5324.

Used Kayaks, Canoes & Boards on Sale

They’re always on sale folks, and as the season trucks along – we mark them down even more depending on use. So if you are looking for a bbb (best boat buddy) to paddle your life away – check out: https://www.whitesquall.com/boats/

Fire on the Bay

Planning to paddle the northeast corner of the Bay? DON’T. From Henvy Inlet north to the west side of the Bustards is a “No Go” zone. Anywhere on the Bay or inland bush – if you light a campfire, you risk both a $25,000 fine and a few months in jail. Paddle softly, stay away from the northeastern coast and do as yer told – like our mommas told us.   A good place to get updates, is the MNRF site here: https://www.ontario.ca/page/forest-fires.

Paddle Away!

Learn on our quiet inland lake, with gentle staff who would rather teach you then almost anything else. Private lessons for all ages, Saturday clinics, Kid’s Paddling and free one hour paddling anytime. https://www.whitesquall.com/

So a quarter-horse walks into a bar. bartender says…. “why the short face’?

We can take you off – just hit reply and say “bad joke tim”. Want more? Just hang on to your hat and your keyboard buckwheats and we’ll ride off into the western sun together.