The Winter Whirls the Wind Around Hoot

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The Winter Whirls the Wind Around As we paddle deeper into space and away from solar heat, winter solstice waits for us to turn the corner… Yet nary a one of the White Squall elves are really asleep. No way Jose! Poised on tippy toes, ready to reach into action should you call. Maybe you’re curious about a boat, a kicksled or a rippin’ new pair of snowshoes? Perhaps you want to know about the Canadian -made merino wool socks or underwear we’ve discovered. What about a new Patagonia shell, or where’s one of the best camps to see the big ‘open’ in the outer McCoy Island group? ’tis not where you might think…Between the Paddling Centre and the Town Shop and our curiously quirky, half-way knowledgeable paddling and camping minds, there’s plenty to talk about dats for sure.(705) 746-4936, [email protected][email protected]
Gifts that Keep on ‘Keeping On’I know, I know – i’m a broken record… but:For that outdoor person in your life, consider one of the best map cases to ever lay on a soggy canoe pack in a driving rain – the RBW is the hefty-duty volvo wagon of map cases. Durable, utterly water-tight and clear with no fumbling with frozen hands to unzip, re-fold and see where the hell you’re going. Would wager anyone who likes to breathe fresh air would be tickled pink. (on sale now for $42.45 reg. $49.95)
A piece of gear that follows me everywhere – the Kokatat Storm Cag. A poncho to the untrained eye, but in truth a life saver. Normal rain gear is one thing – but sometimes mother nature says ‘tim, you’re starting to shiver!. Goes over both lifejacket and bulky clothing right quick and will fasten around a kayak cockpit for immediate warmth. Or drape it over your knees in the canoe when it’s coming down in buckets and discover the magic of fleece warming pockets. Truly a work of art…(on sale now for $293. reg $345.)
And finally – in the ‘it comes with me every time’ category is the MSR Pocket Rocket. A tiny butane stove that fits almost anywhere and brings you a hot cup of tea in seconds. Hobbit gear I can fire up when the chips are down – and always ready if my larger stove goes poopee cooking supper. on sale now $67.95 reg. $79.95 
So much more in our little store and the Royal Mail with dog teams ready just steps away… Oops – forgot to say that til christmas, if you buy a pair of socks – you’ll get an extra free left one? wait, no no that’s not right – ummm – ok it’s the famous Squall pre-christmas ‘Buy a Pair and get another for Half Price Sock Sale!’ there, that’s it. Fresh-smelling socks are always a hit.
Hooray for Camp Tapawingo & Wilderness First Aid We are all splintered and bound with joy that Camp Tapawingo has opened their lodge & cabin doors for us on the shores of Georgian Bay for courses this springtime. Taught by professionals working in the field, Wilderness Medical Associates is recognized around the planet yet their courses are fun and achievable. Even for guys like me whose hands shake opening a bandaid. Beyond standard first aid – this is all about what to do when the winds roar with no 911 to save your bacon. Back to the broken record: all you young’uns out there – this training will serve you well through life, but right now, also looks pretty fine on your resume! Shows you care to take training and want to help in an accident. Check out:
So…what song lyric was Tim playing around with in the top title with no giggling or googling? A tough one but there’s gotta be someone who gets it? If so – let me know and you’ll be in the running for a free RBW map case! Here’s a hint – has something to do with tilting at windmills. For the rest of you in la la land, please don’t fret – just tell us your ‘go to’ piece of gear as you head out the door and you’ll be in the running too.Thanks for weaving this stitch in the tapestry of life with us. Had enough? Just hit reply with ‘unravel dyer’ and we’ll do the rest with a tear in our eye… tim