Going to the Dogs Hoot

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Hello Everyone My name is Copper, and I’ve just signed on as Visitor Services Specialist with Kathy and Tim at White Squall.  I’ve heard there are pretty big shoes to fill from the past with folks like Chester, Sarah, Benji, Charly, Goldie and more.  I know I can’t be them, but I do have white socks and a little white tuft on my head, which I understand makes me kinda cute to the untrained eye.  I can tell you that in the few days I’ve been here – there have been visitors, and so far I’ve only barked a couple of times – but haven’t met Pete yet.   In the dog world there’s talk that he might actually be a bear.  He’s coming here tomorrow, so kinda nervous.  Anyway…just wanted to say hi, and hope I get to meet you all someday.  Love, Copper
Town Shop News We’re excited to bring in a new line of merino wool made right here in Canada.  Bonnetier is super soft, strong and wonderfully warm. https://bonnetier.com/en.   And this will be our first winter with Patagonia.  True to their history, they back up everything they sell, and will fix or replace it without a whimper!  Beyond that, we have lots of winter clothing and gear from names we trust, meant to keep you happy outside when the weather roars.  705-746-4936. [email protected] 
Paddling Centre Update We’re here – but not all the time, so do give a call or fire an e-mail. (705-203-2955, [email protected])  and we’ll be happy to greet you.  All paddling accessories are now 15% off, including paddles, pfds, pots and pans.  Throughout the winter, we’re skiing, sitting by the fire and…oh yeah, paddling!  Just came back from a canoe down the Pickerel River.  A late fall adventure, stunning scenery and…nobody around!  Ok, so we had a hot tent onboard, which made the evenings pretty awesome.  If you ever wonder about extending your paddling season – give it a try.  There’s nothing better after a long day on the water to snuggle in to a toasty tent…
Lifejacket Giveaway!  – Sort of… Ta Da!  Starting Nov. 1 ‘til Christmas, with any purchase of a boat or board, new or used, we’ll hand you a free, Canadian built, custom-designed Paddling PFD – the Salus EDDY!  A $150 top piece of gear and our ‘go-to’ for comfort and function.  We’ve not done this before but are nudging you now with the idea that a canoe, kayak or board makes a dang fine christmas present!  Check out:  https://www.whitesquall.com/kayak-canoe-sup/
New Boards, Canoes & Kayaks I know what you are thinking.  Why the hell are you bringing in new stuff this time of year Dyer?  Well…Kathy asks me that very same thing every year round about now – and my sheepish answer is…. “ya just can’t have enough boats”.  They’re a calming influence in a sea of chaos and a simple thing, two pointy ends and a middle!  Yet look at the adventures they bring us.  And in case you haven’t thought about it – what other place on this planet can you find fresh water and islands and rocks and trees – and endless places to camp, right on our doorstep.  Sometimes I think we forget how flippin’ lucky we really are.  I digress – we’ve now got brand new stock from Nova Craft, Bluewave, Perception, Dagger and Wilderness Systems.  More Deltas are arriving sometime – likely in the middle of a snowstorm! Wilderness First Aid Training Whoopee – we’ve got confirmed dates from Wilderness Medical Associates, one of the top providers on the planet! Wilderness First Aid   April 27, 28Wilderness Advanced First Aid  May 4 -7Wilderness First Responder Bridge/Recert.   May 9 – 12WFR – 8 days with 1 day Break    May 4 – 12 More detail to follow, but for now – if you would like to get on the list for any of these courses, please let us know by emailing [email protected].    I have taken these courses for way too many years, and every time I marvel at the competent, low-key and friendly teaching style of the instructors.  You just can’t help but have a happy, productive time while learning how to stay safe outside.  And…for you young’uns out there – this training opens many doors for work in the outdoors, so think of it as in investment in yourself!
Toto Unplugged Remember ‘Africa’ by Toto?  This is truly worth a listen, especially when a lot of people get together and simply sing their hearts out.  This link came in a few days ago from a friend, and brought a few happy tears to my eyes…https://bit.ly/3ScgRS0 Thanks for listening everyone, we sure appreciate it.  tim ps- If you would like to unplug from this?  Entirely understandable.  Just hit reply and say – ‘take the plug out pronto’ and we shall do that tout de suite.