February First Hoot

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Hello Friends of the Squall Hoot and Blat – We are turning our gaze to springtime with a fair few things to share.

Snow Hike Feb. 16 – Killbear Park (pre-registration required)

Join Peter Wassermann, Kathleen McGill and Tim Dyer for a chortling good time, wandering the beaches and open bush of Ontario’s most beloved provincial park. Pete is a pretty smart fellow when it comes to trees and tracks – and Kathleen and Tim are there just to keep you warm, distracted, wandering and happy! We’ve done this for many years and ’tis a fine way to spend a Sunday afternoon. You need to pre-register at White Squall Outdoor Store @ 19 James in Parry Sound (705-746-4936) or e-mail [email protected]. You can also get snowshoe rentals at the Outdoor Store in town. Hope you can join us.

Squall Night Returns Feb. 18

My childhood friend, and Juno nominee Douglas Cameron (yup, he cleaned my clock as a kid at the Midland Music Festival) – is coming to town with his friend Duncan Fremlin – for a winter night of music and images centred on Georgian Bay. Last time Douglas was here, she was a full house! Canadore College – doors open at 6:30, show starts at 7. Bring cookies if you can and we’ll have hot tea and hotter coffee waiting for you! All free and all donations go directly to Global Medic – Canada’s leading volunteer disaster relief group.

Paddling Film Festival – March 21

She’s a dandy time kids and a great family night out with some of the wildest paddling films, together with bountiful beer (for mom and dad) , Kenton and Glenda’s poofy popcorn and Jan and Colleen’s bang-on bake table. Best part is we put out an amazing assortment of gear, clothing, baking and vouchers of all sorts – in a silent auction all in support of Global Medic (globalmedic.ca). Bring cash or cheque if you can. Doors open with happy hour at 5:30, Films at 7pm. Tickets at the Stockey Box Office (www.stockeycentre.com).

Wilderness First Aid is Coming Soon and Filling Fast!

Wilderness Medical Associates (wildmed.ca) – one of the top first aid providers on the continent – are providing these very important courses for White Squall at the Georgian Nordic Jackrabbit Burrow on Nine Mile Lake Road just east of Parry Hoot . Get in touch lickety-split if interested ([email protected]) and you can register directly on our website (whitesquall.com)

Wilderness Advanced First Aid – April 25-28

Bridge To Wilderness First Responder – April 30 – May 3

Wilderness First Aid. May 9-10

The Franklin Challenge – Saturday, June 20 – Snug Harbour

Try not to miss this puppy if you like paddling amongst pine-clad islands, sparkling waters and check-points chock full of cookies. Totally not a race – but also not a walk in the park as we go round the coast of Franklin Island. Proceeds go to the Georgian Bay Biosphere Outer Island Fund and open to canoes, kayaks, sups and whatever else you’re able to paddle. The full route is about 18km and we also have a shorter 8km for the tire-kickers in the crowd. Open to anyone with a heart and a working pulse who wants to remind their winter-worn body that summer is here, and paddling, next to cold beer, is just about the most perfect way to celebrate the summer solstice. Registration opens at whitesquall.com at the beginning of April and is limited, so don’t be shy. Find your BFF (best franklin friend) and we’ll see ya there!

So What the Heck is Happening with the Old Squall You May Ask?

Good question – I ask myself that every morning as I stumble out of bed :). We have taken the bold and cheeky step of closing down the Paddling Centre – sent the chickens on vacation (which by the way is not a poultry task) and are trying to sort out next steps. Or how about: ‘we are seeking the next stitches in the tapestry of life’. If you are looking for rentals or last of the line boat purchases, please connect via e-mail ([email protected]) We are keeping in touch with all e-mail enquiries and will cheerfully offer up suggestions and advice as best we can. In order to sell off remaining boats, we are here but only by appointment. With regard to rentals – we still don’t know if someone might be pulling up the slack but will let everyone know via this newsletter once we hear anything. We did keep back a few boats to play with and for special projects and for odd special rentals. Who knows, for the right price plus a case of dark beer, I might rent to folks we can trust – but that for now is up in the air or in the water or in the fridge?

Trips & Courses

Never say never. If you have interest in a course or trip, then tell us via e-mail. Although the fire is burning low, it ain’t quite out yet. So let us know if you have interest and we will do our darndest to help or direct you to other sources of fun and frivolity.

Youth Adventure Sea Kayak Trip Announcement – Ta DA! June 27 – 30

We hinted this might happen, and by golly it is, soon as school is out! Our aim is to get any teen who is keen (a KeenTeen!) , regardless of ability to pay, to join in and find out what an incredible world there is amongst the islands and sparkling waters of coastal Georgian Bay. To that end, we are proposing that you or your parents pay what you are able (see below). But most importantly – you have to really WANT to join in on this sea kayak camping trip. We’ll teach you all you need to know – no experience is necessary. But you gotta be a team player and someone who is ready to have their eyes opened to the best paddling and camping on the planet! OK – we are in the early stages of planning, so first off – we need to know if you are in? Send us an e-mail and say ‘hey tim – i can’t wait!” or something like that. If you can afford to pay the full amount, that will help us a lot in providing for staff, food, equipment, vehicles and boats. Cost is $500. plus HST Now if it’s clear you just can’t manage that, then say so – and we will go with $250. If that ain’t going to work – say so, and we’ll work something out – you could stack our winter wood and clean a bunch of boats and …! But remember, this isn’t your folks pushing you to go – you gotta want to come so we won’t take just anyone. Co-ed Ages – 13-16 with co-ed staffing and we will also take 12 year olds if they are mature like me…

OK – that’s it for now – no Tim’s Tips – just lots of stuff. Thanks for listening and bob’s yer uncle. tim