Magic of Fall Paddling Hoot

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Rentals & Fall Exploring
The beauty and magic of fall paddling is here, and we’re ready and able to provide you with kayaks and canoes for a last adventure. Please give us a call (705) 203-2955 or [email protected] We can help with suggestions about safe fall paddling, where to go and what to wear!
Paddling Centre Crazy Raffle & Gear Sale This Weekend
We’ve taken 15% off reg price on all paddles, lifejackets, camp stoves, barrels & more – a fall cleanup of both the town shop and paddling centre. Used Canoes & Kayaks are up for grabs and on sale along with new boats of all description Best of all – out here at the paddling centre we’ll have hot coffee & fresh-baked cookies saturday morning, along with a crazy DOOR PRIZE RAFFLE where all you gotta do is visit, throw your name in the jar for a MSR Whisperlight Stove, A MSR waterfilter or a 20L Tripping Barrel from Recreational Barrel Works. Odds of winning are pretty darn good. We hope you can come and say hi. We’re open throughout the weekend and beyond. After this weekend, best to check in with us to make sure we’re here for you. Squall town shop is closed this thanksgiving Sunday and Monday, but back at ‘er on Tuesday with new Patagonia clothing and some new, pretty cool (ok warm) and super soft merino wool underlayers made right here in Canada from Bonnetier.
That’s all she wrote folks, thanks for listening…timps – For your weekend smile, have a listen to this young fellow explaining why he’s a busy man…