Great Gear Giveaway Hoot

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Last Few Days in the Great Gear Giveaway

We asked, and you stepped up! Thanks a squillion to everyone pitching in with our fundraiser for Global Medic ( We are up over $3500 and want to make it $5000! and she’s not too late sports fans. Rather than individual items, we’ve made 3 piles with 3 winners. If you’re the lucky camper, you get a wild gathering of outdoor gear (and maple syrup from orrville!) that you just have to pick up cause there’s so much! Draw is Friday April 30 at noon so don’t be shy, all you have to do is donate to Global Medic ( and tell us ([email protected]) For every $20 you’ll get a tax receipt with your name tossed in my winter toque. We’ll announce the winners on facebook and a future ‘Hoot’.
Maple Syrup

Your Misery is OVER:)

You’re getting older – who the hell isn’t?! And I bet you still see yourself as Rudolf Nureyev, nimbly jumping in and out of your boat to the delight of gasping onlookers. Recognize this name? Then crank yourself up off the lazy-boy and listen up cause we may be swimming in the same pool of distorted reality. Jan and Kathleen have solved the problem by bringing in – wait for it – the KayaArm! They’re here and now all’s I gotta do is put one on our dock and ta da – away goes tim into the blue beyond. Interested? Let us know at [email protected].

The Latest, Greatest Canoe Pack

The Squall now stocks the bestest canoe pack, gentle on your back for those long portages of life. Built by Barrelworks, have a look – she’s a beauty. We also have their full lineup of barrels and organizers field-tested in the wilds of Quetico by two lost Parry Sound bush pilots. Their comment?: ‘Holy crap, our camp kitchen has never looked so good – all we need now is a compass!

Jets, Jesse & Submarines

Growing up on Cole Lake, our son Jesse would go to sleep on a warm summer night with my famous submarine story. It was built (in my mind) by installing a sealed high power jet-assisted propeller in the back end of a poly sea kayak (fiberglass is just not strong enough for the underwater pressure I figgered) and then closing off the cockpit with him tucked inside. We would then partially flood the bow and stern hatches (never exactly sorted out how to do this and he never asked thankfully) Once below the waves, the kayak sub would thrust into the murky waters of Cole Lake – and in a nano-second, be at the other end of our pond. It never left the lake for deeper horizons, and to my knowledge, has not been seen since – though Jesse is happily flying a turbo-jet aircraft up north. I wonder if he ever thinks back on his submarine days…Which brings me to a real story about jet propulsion and a canoe that you may not have seen – have a gander, it’s flipping awesome!
Thanks for your time everyone. Hope you get lucky…tim

Not feeling lucky nor enamoured with this dyertribe? Just hit reply and put ‘take a hike timbo’ and i will, along with taking you off this merry go round.